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Jul 13, 2011 03:16 PM

Restaurant X PSA--Special This Thursday through Sunday

Dinner for Two

Two Classic Caesar Salads
Grilled Cowboy Rib-Eye for Two
40oz of Aged Beef with a Cayenne & Brown Sugar Crust
[this is the steak that slayed Bobby Flay]
Creamed Spinach
Potato Gratin
Sauce Bearnaise
Two Classic Crème Brûlée
Two Glasses of Wine especially selected from our cellar
for pairing with this fabulous dinner.

This 3 Course Cowboy Rib-Eye dinner for two is $80.00
(not including tax and gratuity)


This dinner will be available Thursday night through Sunday night at Restaurant X only and cannot
be available in conjunction with other promotions and special incentives.

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  1. Great deal!! We went out for pizza last night and with our two wines each it was more than that!!

    1. oh great!! I just made a ressie with OpenTable for Friday night!

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        We went last night for this special. Had a lovely table down below by the windows. We had the cowboy special for 2. The creamed spinach and potatoes au gratin were delicious. Other might have thought the potatoes on the salty side but I love salt and thought they were perfect. We also had an order of pomme frites, they were wonderful. The steak I did not like at all. It was very very fatty. We ordered med rare and only the 2 slices they put on each of our plates were med rare the rest on the platter were just about well done. I would not get that again. We were given the choice of red or white wine and we both got the white as we do not enjoy red. I am not a big wine drinker and I enjoyed whatever it was. We were given a choice for dessert of the creme brulee or a chocolate dessert.

        Total was $111.xx for the dinner for 2, the pomme frites, a vodka tonic and a glass of prosecco.

      2. Is this free ad a new service for chowhound?

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          Huh?? I am not in any way affiliated with the restaurant, just letting fellow hounds know of a good deal that I was aware of there...what is your problem with that?

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            Thanks for letting us know Marge!

            1. re: doberlady

              That's what Chowhound is for! Sorry your steak wasn't good--we've had it twice at X20, first time was amazing, and second time not so much, also fatty. When we had it, it was huge though, took half of it home...love the sides, and the roquefort and chive biscuits.

              1. re: Marge

                We also took some home for our lucky dog!

                Service was excellent.

        2. Went there on Saturday. That sure was a good value. Rib-eye was nice size, prepared well. Problem we had was, we were a group of three. Figured we'd get the special and one other dish, divvy it up. So, we order the Squash/Veggie main dish along with the special Dinner, and add in a third salad as well.

          Everything good, until the check. They charge us a $15 "extra plate/sharing" charge. We DID ask for an extra plate to better share stuff, but since we ordered a full meal for the third person, the sharing charge is ridiculous. Told the waiter, he says "You got an extra plate, so $15." I said "Well, if I ask you for another plate to put my bread in because I don't like the small one, is that $15 too?"

          He won't credit us, says he has to ask a manager if it's OK. I don't think English was his first language, incidentally.

          Finally got the $15 knocked off. Principal of the thing. Pretty lame on their part. I could see it if the RibEye was all you could eat, but otherwise, makes no sense in our situation to be charged for the plate.

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            that's kind of appalling, since you ordered another meal. I'd write to the restaurant; I think perhaps the waiter got some signals crossed, and that really shouldn't be happening in one of Kelly's restaurants.

          2. They have it again this week, every night (just got email today). I wonder if the "special incentives" refers to the gift cards you can buy at 20% off at Costco?