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Jul 13, 2011 02:18 PM

Fundamental Los Angeles

Went to this just-opened restaurant today and had the best BLT ever. Made with wonderfully thick slices of bacon, perfectly ripe heirloom tomato and the addition of a fried egg. What was interesting is that they had the egg in an immersion circulator at 53 degrees. They crack it open on the griddle and it's done in a matter of seconds.

When you slice into the sandwich the yolk is still soft and creamy but it doesn't run out of the sandwich. Very clever stuff. This place clearly understands the importance of getting the details right. Can't wait to return.

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  1. find it fascinating the "food" menu has fewer items than the "drink" menu...

    1. Sounds great. Place link here.

      fundamental Los Angeles
      1303 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

      1. Went today for the first time with my son and boy this place is great!. He had the egg salad sandwich with evoo, sprouts, cream fraiche, chives, lemon juice on brioche that was toasted only on the inside. Really creamy and really good. He also had a side order of figs with bibb hearts, pickled red onions and fresh ricotta. I had the hot short rib sandwich with sweet and spicy mung beans, tallegio, dandelion greens on sourdough. Can't wait to try the rest of the menu . Menu changes daily. Only 7 sandwiches and 2 salads on the menu today. They had a buffalo sweetbread sandwich with blue cheese and crudite, have to try it next time . Almost everything is $10 or less. You order at the counter. They also carry homemade sodas, lemonade, beer and wine. . Good and very friendly service. If you are looking for a sandwich or salad in the Westwood area I highly recommend Fundamental LA. Good eating.

        1. Finally checked this place out today!

          First of all, it's really hard to spot from the street. The sign is tiny and barely visible. It's the unit directly south of the Papa John's on Westwood.

          That said, it was worth the circling!

          We had the carnitas torta and the grilled cheese and pumpkin soup, with a side of potato salad, plus the lemonade and iced tea.

          The carnitas torta was fantastic. The bread was sort of falling apart making it a little messy to eat but the flavors were amazing. The grilled cheese with the apple and brussel sprouts were amazing as well.

          The pumpkin soup was good but pretty watery and quite spicy in a way that overpowered the pumpkin. The potato salad was perhaps the biggest disappointment. The potatoes were overcooked and it was overall bland... needed more seasoning.

          The iced tea has a weird syrupy taste and the lemonade was very tart...

          Basically, GREAT for sandwiches and everything else falls short.

          1. Geeze, how come no one has opened a placed called 99 Essential Los Angeles Restaurant?