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Jul 13, 2011 01:42 PM

Tamarind paste in Paris?

So I was at Tang Frères today and picked up some fried tofu which I decided would be great for a Pad Thai à la my favorite Thai resto in LA, but I forgot about tamarind paste. Can I get it at Tang Frères? This was only my second visit, so I still don't know the ins and outs of it. I have rice noodles from Monoprix but I doubt I can find tamarind paste there, and I don't recall seeing it at Delices d'Orient, but I could be wrong...must get an iPhone that works here-would make life easier.

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  1. i have seen sauce de tamarin at 100 different places (it's used in middle eastern cuisine as well as indian and thai)... even some, but not all, Monoprix... certainly la Grande Epicerie at au Bon Marché... and the food section of the Galeries Lafayette::: and almost any of the little épiceries/ traiteurs along the rue du Faubourg Saint Denis and passage Brady... some Algerien and almost all Lebanese shops anywhere

    1. I usually buy the pulp which comes in a squidgy oblong block with hard lumps (the seeds). You tear some off and macerate it in hot water then strain out the seeds. It will be in the shops in the 13eme and in the Indian shops in the 9eme.

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        Perfect description for what l buy as well. Cannot imagine an Indian or even large Chinese grocery without it, thus Tang Freres should have it as well.

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          Yes!! This is exactly what I need. Okay, back to Tang Frères on Monday...

        2. You have already received good solutions to your quest. My problem is with your screen name. Lost in Paris? How can that be? Anywhere you find yourself in Paris is the point of departure for an adventure. How I envy you! ;)

          1. One sure way to find it is to go to the Indian groceries on rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis and rue Cail (and around). Tamarind paste or tamarind extract will be all over the place. Strangely enough I don't remember seeing it at Tang or Paristore or elsewhere in Chinatown. It is possible to find tamarind pods there though.

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              "I don't remember seeing it at Tang or Paristore or elsewhere in Chinatown."

              I've seen it sold in the Asian grocery stores on Place Maubert, labelled as 罗望子粉. Can't guarantee it's regularly stocked.

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                I buy tamarind paste at Paristore on a regular basis (no Tang Freres near me)

            2. Thanks for all the replies! I found it at Delices d'Orient - my favorite shop at the moment because it's within walking distance and they have a great selection of spices and beans. I'll have to stock up before I move to another quartier.

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                there are Les Délices d'Orient shops in the 7th, 10th and 15th ... but i've been having pâte de tamarin nightmares ever since your post ... every time i turn around, there it is ... so no problems in finding it in whatever quartier you move to... so many lebanese, algerian, tunisian, reunionais, indian, thai, vietnamese, and chinese shops stock it ... even the chain supermarkets in the more ethnic neighbourhoods