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Jul 13, 2011 12:29 PM

LBI dining

We will be coming down late August to see my step daugter and husband who live right over the bridge from LBI.

Usually when we come down we wind up at Mud City, a good choice, but looking for something differant.

We like really good and interesting food.

After doing a search here have come up with Yellow Fin, Plate and La Spiaggia.

I did some further searching and all get mixed reviews. Yellow Fin mostly good on food but sounds like service can be horrendous. Plate mixed reviews on food. And as for La Spiaggia, not against italian but not sure we'll be wanting that.

Any thoughts on the above or any other suggestions? Willing to go off the island too, just don't want any place too far away.

Can by BYO or have liquor license. I prefer a place with a liquor license but seems like most places on the island do not.

Thank you in advance for your help.

La Spiaggia Restaurant
357 W 8th St, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008

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  1. Hi Kathy, Our favorite estaurant on LBI is Stefano's on the Blvd. in Beach Haven. Blue water in Haven Beach is more casual than Stefano's but the same owners and wonderfl food and varie menu. Never a dissapoinmnt. There is also theBlack Whale, at the bay in Beach Haven is owned by Mud City, same food, bar, and not as long a wait. Have been on the island for 25 years and have seen the trendy restaurants come and go. Enjoy your vacation and family.

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      Thanks. We've been to the Black Whale a number of times and really like it. We like Mud City a lot too. It's just that we always go there so looking for someplace differant.

      I know a lot of people prefer BYOs but I'm not one of them. My husband drinks beer, as does my SIL, my step-daughter will have that or wine, I drink wine but often prefer a cocktail first. A liquor license gives us more options. Plus I think sometimes that BYOs seem to charge more for food so in the end your bill is not that much more.

      I checked out Stefano's and while it looks good it is italian and we'd prefer not.

      We'd love a good seafood restaurant. Which probably brings us back to Black Whale or Mud City, huh?