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Jul 13, 2011 12:13 PM

Fancy Dessert (chocolate) "bar" in Philadelphia (at a hotel?)?

Hi there!

I vaguely recall, while being in school in Philadelphia a few years ago, a prixe-fix type of thing at one of the nicer hotels (the Rtiz, maybe) that was a chocolate/dessert tasting? Does that ring a bell with anyone? My recollection was that it was amazing!!


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  1. I think 10Arts at the Ritz still does some type of dessert bar.

    1. Swann Lounge at the Four Seasons had a dessert buffet on Friday/Saturday nights but they stopped it a few years ago. According to my phone calendar, we went in May 2002!

      1. The Ritz used to have a chocolate buffet. This past winter, 10Arts at the Ritz definitely had a dessert bar, where you could pick five (if I recall correctly) desserts from a large table (they would serve you). I thought that was actually much nicer than the former chocolate buffet, the quality of the dessert bar was phenomenal.

        Oh, here, I looked back and found the info. Just on Saturdays and I'm not sure they're still doing it: