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Jul 13, 2011 11:27 AM

Rehearsal dinner in Cleveland for 70 people?

Hello fellow chowhounders. I'm looking for a place in Cleveland to host my rehearsal dinner in September. We'd love to have it at the Great Lakes Brewery, but they don't do large parties on the weekends. We'd love to keep it downtownish. We're not fussy, but we do enjoy good food and beer/wine/cocktails. Most important part for us is that it's laid back and fun. We also really like the Tremont neighborhood. Thanks for your help!

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  1. 70 people is a lot for a restaurant. Dante in Tremont has a private room, but I don't know if it can accommodate that many people. Lolita has a large upstairs room - I think it can hold that many folks; call them and speak with Matt Harlan.

    Also, Chinato on E. 4th has a large private room downstairs that might accommodate. Lola has a private room downstairs, but I don't know that it will hold 70 people.

    If you are willing to venture a short distance from downtown, Chef Jeff Jarrett is in charge of foodservice at the Marriott hotel on 150th Street, and would do a fantastic job providing unique and creative dishes for your party, and they definitely have space to accommodate you. He is the executive Chef of AMP 150, the in-hotel restaurant, and we enjoyed his fabulous cuisine at the recently closed Palate Restaurant in Strongsville. AMP 150 has an on-property vegetable garden and apairy, and Jeff is a fabulous chef who uses local ingredients.

    900 Literary Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113

    AMP 150
    4277 West 150th Street, Cleveland, OH 44135

    E 4th St, Cleveland, OH

    Restaurant Dante
    2247 Professor Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113