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Jul 13, 2011 11:10 AM

food challenges

im looking for some places that offer large portion food challenges. I'm talking about if you eat it you get it for free, or get a teeshirt, ect. , ect. Anyone know any places? Or have a good story about someone who tried one?

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  1. Earl's on the Ave has a cheesesteak challenge. The cheesesteak looks to be made on a loaf of bread roughly the size of a loaf of Safeway deli french bread, and in addition I think you have to eat a pound of tater tots.

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      Oh, it's free and you get a t-shirt if you can eat it all.

    2. Beth's Cafe has a 12 (?) -egg omelet with potatoes on it. It was featured on TV. No prize that I know of, just 15-min fame.

      XXX in Issaquah has the burger version of a 12-egg omelet.

      The only place that I can think of with some sort of a prize is in Portland - Sayler's Old Country Kitchen (not affiliated with the buffet chain). 72-oz prime rib with fixins all free if you can finish in under an hour, plus your name engraved on a plaque. Not too far away is Thien Hoang on Sandy where you will be crowned "Calamari King" on a giant full-color poster apparently if you go there enough times and order their heavily salted-and-peppered signature dish a little too many times.

      Needless to say - quantity over quality for the most part.

      1. I think that the various Rams have a 5 pound burger challenge. Really not many of these places that come to mind around here (probably a good thing for people). Would assume more are on the way given the popularity of this type of stuff on the tube.

        1. This is out of my league, but I found this in Tacoma at "The Loose Wheel". Burger Challenge
          Two Complete Grilled Cheese Sandwiches surrounding TWO POUNDS of burger, half pound of bacon plus lettuce, tomato, pickles and your choice of lubes. (6!)

          Consume this burger plus two pounds of JoJo’s in 45 minutes or less, by yourself, to obtain immortality on our “Wall of Pain". (Finish it in under 25 minutes and it's FREE.)

          1. Kobe Wellbeing in Bellevue does a ramen challenge :) 3 liters in 30 minutes...if you finish, it's free! Otherwise, it's $20.

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              My brother tried that and failed...:o( And I believe you receive a $100 gift certificate if you finish in addition to the free ramen...