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Jul 13, 2011 09:33 AM

Best Margarita in SD

I am interested in tasting some of the BEST margs in San Diego. I am partial to Tony Jacal's Cadillac, but also enjoy the Old Fashioned. I am always hesitant to order a regular margarita at a restaurant because I fear the super sugary sweet-and-sour...and when it's too sweet, I simply cannot stomach it.

So, what are some of your favorite places in San Diego County?

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  1. El Callejon in Encinitas has a good rep for margartias.

    Personally, I'm partial to the Brig's day-glo margaritas. I certainly wouldn't call them the best, but they pair nicely with the Brig's fish tacos and the view from the Brig's Del Mar patio.

    1. Real men drink Banderas, not Margaritas.

      Banderas Recipe

      1 shot Tequila (White)
      1 shot Lime Juice (Green)
      1 shot Tomato Juice (Red)

      El Tri

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        Real men drink mezcal...straight ice...just mescal

          1. re: bizzwriter

            sin gusano. El gusano es por (para?) los gringos

      2. If you want a margarita made with specifically identifiable ingredients as opposed to "sweet and sour" then I would recommend Cantina Mayhuel. The tequila of your choice, lime, triple sec, agave nectar, all in an excellent proportion. After your margarita, for a second drink try a sipping shot of an aƱejo mezcal. "Ilegal mezcal" is an excellent choice.

        1. Very fond of Alchemy's.

          <poster understands he knows nothing of authentic Mexican food nor drink, nor any other authentic food. Comment reflects only on poster's enjoyment of said beverage. Poster stipulates better margaritas can be found in Berlin>

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          1. re: Fake Name

            Re. Berlin. White wine, yes. Margaritas, no.