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Jul 13, 2011 09:06 AM


We had a reservation at Saturne for our last night in Paris. I almost canceled it since we were beyond sated by then. But my courageous husband fortunately stopped me just in time. Good move!

One chooses between a 4 or 6 course menu, with cheese as an unlisted option for dessert. We chose the 4, but next time will go the 6. We started with a glass of unfiltered viognier petillante, complex and minimally sweet. Followed by a quite interesting Alexandre Bain Pouilly Fume.

Entree of tuna cubes with cherries, sardines and radishes, shallots, olive oil and parsley powder. Good but somewhat bland. Maybe needed salt, which we added.

First main of extraordinary sweetbreads. Amazing crunch, silken interior. Trout eggs and what seems to be the herb of the month in France, pourpier.

Second main pigeon was equally outstanding. Blue, succulent and rich flavor.

I had forgotten that the cheese course was highly recommended, so opted for the menu dessert, an interesting interplay of sorbet, creme and merringue; vegetal, sweet and sour flavors.

We had reserved seats at the bar, but when we arrived on a very warm evening, we were offered and snatched seats on the "terrace" aka sidewalk. While we were eating, a couple arrived on a motorcycle and parked across the street: Passerini and lady, on a busman's holiday.

Good address.

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  1. So glad you went. It's one of my fave spots.

    1. it's always superb and firmly on my top 10 list... the 35 € formule for lunch is one of the best values in Paris but it's become the cantine du quartier for the area's younger and trendier banker types so very difficult to get a table then.... dinner (also great value for the quality) is easier simply because the area is relatively deserted

      yet usually overlooked by tourists (maybe because of location? or contemporary style/ not cutesy enough?) ... so brava to you mangeur for making it there

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      1. re: Parnassien

        Brava is not warranted. Saturne is 1 bus stop or under 500m from Frenchie which the world (and even the NYT) has certainly been able to find. ;)

        1. re: mangeur

          the brava is for not getting stuck in les papilles/frenchie/la fontaine de mars chowhound tourist rut :)

          1. re: Parnassien

            Well, only slightly. Our list this visit: Rino, Septime, Les Papilles, Table d'Eugene, Cafe des Musees, Saturne, plus a pizza on a Sunday night. (Well, also pumpkin soup and yogurt during my overnight stay at Hopital Cochin, but that's another story. =8-0)

      2. Thanks for the review - Is Saturne more dressy/formal?

        We might need to see if there are any openings next week!

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        1. re: EWRTravelers

          "Is Saturne more dressy/formal?"

          It is as dressy or casual - depending on what you are used to - as neighbor Frenchie.