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Jul 13, 2011 08:59 AM

Denver Area Special Occasion

I'm going to be in the Denver area in a month or so and we're looking to do a special night out. Currently we're looking at Fruition in Denver and Frasca in Boulder. If any Denverites had to choose between the two...where and why? Thanks!

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  1. Both are excellent choices, but I think Frasca might feel a bit more "special" - atmosphere and service are considerably more refined, and the wine program is far superior in case you're thinking about treating yourself to a special bottle. Fruition's food is wonderful but it has more of a casual, neighborhood feel while Frasca is a bona fide destination restaurant. Have fun!

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      Rcurtism nailed the difference, IMHO, but I'll trhow another F-restaurant into the special occasion mix. Boulder's Flagstaff House also has refined food, exceptional service and great views. You can't go wrong w/ any of these three.

      Flagstaff House Restaurant
      1138 Flagstaff Dr, Boulder, CO 80302