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Jul 13, 2011 07:50 AM

Near Eiffel Tower

Staying on Rue Saint Charles near Eiffel Tower and would like some restaurant suggestion. Some splurges and some not big splurges for lunch and dinner. Will be there the first week of September.

Also is Frenchie still a good quality restaurant? And if you go early without reservations can you have a chance at a table?

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  1. long stretches of the rue Saint Charles have been redeveloped ... so it's a hodgepodge of '80s sterility and the traditional and except for maybe the place Saint Charles not exactly brimming with charm
    the first local restaurant that comes to mind is Au Dernier Métro on the boulevard Grenelle just across from Dupleix métro station ... Basque, old-school, ultra-cheap, and quite good but sometimes a little too boisterous.
    other suggestions: Au Goût Dujour on the rue Beaugrenelle just off the rue St Charles at the avenue Emile Zola ... updated provençal (or at least mediterranean) , maybe 15 € for lunch and 25 € dinner, amazing price/ quality ratio ... sleek rather than cutesy.
    la Gaulloise, avenue La Motte-Picquet at avenue Suffren... a long stroll from the rue St Charles but it brings you to a much more alive area.... really really old school, ultra-trad cuisine (go for the meat!), and not expensive if u stick to the prix fixe menu

    there's an excellent open-air market on the boulevard Grenelle near Dupleix métro station on wednesday and sunday morning... not bad and a few traiteurs/ rotisseur etc for take-away... on tuesdays and fridays, there'a another open-air market on rue St Charles near the rue de la Convention but not as much variety as Grenelle

    Frenchies? it's pretty small, closed at weekends, and very very popular so not much chance of finding a table on the 5 days it is open... if you arrive without a reservation, they will "suggest" that you might be able to grab a bite at their new bar à vins across the street ... not really such a bad fate, though

    1. Echoing Parnassian on Au Dernier Metro. Very boisterous, local and good food. The planches of cheese and charcuterie are particularly great with a beer when the weather's hot.
      I also like 142 Creperie Contemporaine on 59 rue St Charles. Very busy with local business, great crepes and really friendly service. The weekday lunch formule, from what I remember, is E10.50 or 11.50 only.
      I've not tried these places, but have also heard good things about Le Casse Noix and Le Cristal de Sel.

      1. Also remember around the corner from Au Dernier Metro, whose best feature for me is the price, is Dubois cheese shop on Rue Lourmel, perhaps the best in Paris and a bit further down Blvd Grenelle is the far lesser known branch of Lionel Poilane bakery than the one on Rue Cherche-Midi in the 6th.

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          Chevreau, on Lourmel, has a menu under 20 Euros. And Dr. Talbott has reviewed several bistros in this part of the 15th.