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Jul 13, 2011 07:37 AM

is there any restriction of alcohol permit in Quebec

We are hosting a wedding at a venue where we need to get the alcohol permit for one day. We will bring our own alcohol there to serve. The question is that we like to know if there's any restriction in terms of where the wine, beer, etc are from. Do we need to get the alcohol within Quebec or if it's ok for us to buy from other provinces or country, then consume them at the venue?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm pretty sure you need to buy alcohol in Quebec that has the proper stickers on it, but it's really best to contact the Régie des alcools des course et des jeux directly to get an official answer so there are no surprises:

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      Agreed. In any case, if you're serious about getting the permit, then you will contact the Regie anyways, and have the appropriate documentation that goes with teh permit you got.

    2. You need to get alcohol from the friendly neighborhood monopoly, the SAQ;

      if the wedding is not soon (variable amount of weeks/months for the processing and shipping delays) you could private import booze via the SAQ, but it will not cost less than what you will pay at the SAQ.

      (out of curiosity) shouldn't the venue should have appropriate permits ? when you rent a venue you should check for permits.

      1. thanks all, it's at Ruelle de Fortification, we need to get our own license with the caterer.

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          if you plan on playing any music, you may very well end up having a music permit tacked on to it. Happened to us, and we were using our own CDs!!!!

        2. I host events occasionally and I inquired with the city of Montreal and the local police and they said if it a one time deal you don't need a permit and that is the advice I use. These events technically don't charge for alcohol though. The city could definitely be wrong though; look into local bylaws (this was for ville-marie).

          And honestly the chances of police checking each bottle at a wedding to see if it from Ontario are slim to none.

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            I am kinda disappointed because we know a few wine we really like from Ontario. La Ruelle de Fortification definitely requires us to get an alcohol permit for one day for the event. I call Régie des alcools des course et des jeux and they insists that we can only get alcohol from SAQ. Now, do the poice or someone else actually go on site to check?

            1. re: f1champ

              the permit is not a big issue ..

              For the wine, as I said, you could "import" it via the SAQ, contact the winery and ask them if they have a "représentant" (broker?) in the province to help you get the wine in.

              out of curiosity, what is the wine ?

              1. re: f1champ

                Anything is possible but I think it is highly doubtful at a private function (especially a wedding) where alcohol isn't being sold. I don't know how big the event is or the amount of bottles involved but what if you served wines bought at the SAQ and then opened a wedding gift that happened to be a couple dozen bottles of wine bought in Ontario...

                All I will say is that never have the police or anyone else inspected an event (over 50 events) Ive hosted in a similar space (although all the alcohol was bought at the SAQ...including several events with 800 people).

                1. re: kpaxonite

                  I was not saying to skip the permit, just saying getting a permit is a non-issue for this kind of event.

                  1. re: Maximilien

                    I agree I was just giving my view on serving wine that wasn't purchased through the SAQ.

                    1. re: kpaxonite

                      I have the permit, just hoping that we could serve the wine we want without complication :D

                      1. re: f1champ

                        And i replied that its illegal if you don't buy it from the saq but highly doubt you will have complications.

            2. Perhaps change the thread title to "is there any permit of alcohol restriction in Quebec"