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Jul 13, 2011 07:15 AM

ISO Sauce Bottles

My garden is starting to get full of hot peppers, tomatoes and berries and I want to make my own chipotle and BBQ sauces then preserve them over the winter and until next BBQ season. (Strawberry Habanero BBQ Sauce.) Does anyone know where in Toronto I can buy sauce bottles that I can use for canning? I would prefer to use sauce bottles over the small canning jars which are easier to find.


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    1. I ordered Grolsch-type beer bottles last year from these guys, which do nicely for sauce if you don't mind them not being clear:

      1. I had some home made hot sauce that was actually stored in a Mason Jar, it had a nice label on it with hand written name and date produced. This stuff was crazy hot and it lasted a while. You should consider using them!

        1. Hello,

          look through this site, they're located in the west end of Toronto..they have a retail outlet it seems.

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            Excellent thanks a lot. They have TONS of bottles and spice jars.

          2. The original comment has been removed