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It's raining cucumbers!

My garden is insane this year - I don't know if it's attributable to the extraordinarily humid summer we've had thus far, the fact that my neighbor has started beekeeping (pollination abounds!), or a combinationi thereof, but I'm positively awash in a sea of cukes. There are only two of us, and I picked 41 of them just yesterday. Besides giving them away to just about everyone I encounter, does anyone have any great, easy pickle recipes? Or any ideas other than the standard cuke sandwiches, cuke salads? Thanks very much!

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  1. Cold cucumber yogurt soup. I think it makes a nice starter (or the foundation for a summer meal).

    You could also mash them up and put them on your face as a nice cooling mask. Not culinary though.

    1. Bread and butter pickles!

      1. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/794616
        Look through this recent post -- several suggestions for cukes.

        1. I saw a recipe in F&W for braised cucumbers--sounded interesting ..its really just sauted in butter briefly

          1. u can send me some....i love making my grandmas creamy cucumber salad

            my wife and i were at a spa...near the steam rooms/saunas they had a big pitcher of ice water with sliced cucumbers in it....that would be nice and refreshing with the heat wave....
            (and it was)

            1. As mentioned on the other thread, Julia Child's baked cucumbers may not sound appealing but have won over a lot of people, and use an entire med-large cuke per person, which helps use them up.

              1. Thinly slice a cuke and muddle with sugar and mint. Pour in vodka and allow to sit for a few minutes. Strain, top with club soda and serve with lime.

                1. I shared this in the watermelon thread but just in case you missed it, one of our favourite summer salads is a cucumber watermelon salad. I cube equal amounts of each and toss together along w some lime juice and, fresh, sliced basil. You can kick it up a bit and toss in some hot chili flakes or, chopped Thai bird or jalapeno chilies.

                  This is great on its own or w grilled meats, fish and poultry.

                    1. 3 parts vinegar (I prefer apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar over white) to 1 part water, salt, sugar, pepper, and spices to taste, poured over chunky slices of cucumber mixed with sliced red onion. Refrigerate for a day or two, keeps for several weeks.

                      You might honestly look into a few more complex pickle recipes -- bread and butter pickles or cinnamon pickles come to mind, or various relishes. Old-fashioned recipes like that are designed to make use of just the kind of bounty you're dealing with! One of the pickle recipes in my family starts with 75 medium-sized cucumbers. :)

                      1. Sauteed cucumbers. Peel and seed cucumbers and julienne into 1-inch strips. Use butter or olive oil to cook the cucumbers. Saute on medium heat until they are limp. Throw in a good handful of minced fresh dill. Really these are delicious. Sometimes, I braise up whole small radishes or slice larger ones and braise in a little chicken stock. Once cooked throw them into the pan of cucumbers.

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                          Donate them to a food bank. They appreciate having the extra fresh produce to give to their clients and you can feel good knowing that they will be enjoyed.

                        2. this refrigerator pickle recipe is easy and always goes over great! http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/easy-...

                          i love the turmeric in it.

                          1. I made a cucumber, avocado & jalapeno soup the other night, topped with a little sour cream. Would have been even better with more jalapeno and some chopped cilantro on top. Will make it again this summer.

                            Also like the Hungarian cucumber salad in Molly O'Neill's New York Cookbook. Make it over and over again, and never get tired of it. Lasts for quite a while in the fridge, too.

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                              Thanks so much to everyone for some really great ideas - I'll be experimenting this weekend, after hitting my local food bank with a donation!