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Jul 13, 2011 06:04 AM

It's raining cucumbers!

My garden is insane this year - I don't know if it's attributable to the extraordinarily humid summer we've had thus far, the fact that my neighbor has started beekeeping (pollination abounds!), or a combinationi thereof, but I'm positively awash in a sea of cukes. There are only two of us, and I picked 41 of them just yesterday. Besides giving them away to just about everyone I encounter, does anyone have any great, easy pickle recipes? Or any ideas other than the standard cuke sandwiches, cuke salads? Thanks very much!

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  1. Cold cucumber yogurt soup. I think it makes a nice starter (or the foundation for a summer meal).

    You could also mash them up and put them on your face as a nice cooling mask. Not culinary though.

    1. Bread and butter pickles!

        Look through this recent post -- several suggestions for cukes.

        1. I saw a recipe in F&W for braised cucumbers--sounded interesting ..its really just sauted in butter briefly

          1. u can send me some....i love making my grandmas creamy cucumber salad

            my wife and i were at a spa...near the steam rooms/saunas they had a big pitcher of ice water with sliced cucumbers in it....that would be nice and refreshing with the heat wave....
            (and it was)