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Jul 13, 2011 05:24 AM

Any mom and pop donut places around?

Growing up we always went to the Donut Kitchen in Woburn. They made their own donuts and they were AWESOME!! Are there any places around (southern NH) that make their own??

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  1. Lull Farm carries donuts made locally, so while not fresh, the maple glazed cider donuts are really good! Otherwise, I don't know of a specific shop, but perhaps there is a diner or some breakfasty place that makes something?

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    1. re: solargarlic

      I'll have to try those this fall...thanks for the heads up!

      1. re: rizzo0904

        If you want them now though, they have them! :)

        1. re: solargarlic

          i incorrectly assumed they were a fall thing...thanks!

          1. re: rizzo0904

            Thought for a moment you may be one of those people who are very strict about when they can eat certain kinds of food throughout the year ;).

    2. Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury MA (just over the border) makes their own donuts