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Mar 12, 2006 06:46 PM

Most unusual food in LA?

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I'm going to be in LA in May and I want a new culinary adventure. I have already done live octopus tentacles and silkworm cocoons in Ktown, and the insect buffet out at the Santa Monica airport, so i am looking for something new. I would really like to try cuy, the South American delicacy but i am open to any new and adventurous ideas my fellow hounds might have up their sleeves. There is nothing i don't eat or at least wont try once.

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  1. Are you up for game? Saddle Peak Lodge has buffalo, elk, quail, cornish hen, etc.

    If you're willing to dish out $300 for a meal, Urasawa is one of the only places in town that has a license to serve blowfish.


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      I am not sure anyplace serves cuy in LA these days

    2. i remember reading about street vendors in macarthur park serving cuy on the dl, but that was years ago.

      i was supposed to fly to peru yesterday, alas, im stuck here in LA.

      if you find the cuy love let us know!
      you might want to do a search on chowhound for cuy. it might have been a couple years ago though.

      1. have you tried balut?

        1. That's the problem with exotic food in LA...too expensive.

          Although I would like to go to Palm Thai in Hollywood at night for their crunchy frog dishes, that are a bargain around 18 bucks. My girlfriend, however, will never go there because it freaks her out.

          I'll have to go by myelf.

          1. There is only one cuisine where you'll likely find every animal and every part of that animal served. And that's Chinese. Go to the east LA/ Monterey Park area and bring a Chinese friend to order for you.