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What is the Best Steakhouse in LA???

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My favorite steakhouse in LA is currently Mastro's in Beverly Hills. I prefer it to other excellent places like the Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena, BOA in Santa Monica, Ruth's Cris, and Morton's.

I just wanted to see if anyone had any other places I am missing from the list above and just NEED to try! Assume price is no object, but that the place must serve USDA Prime quality beef only. Thanks in advance for your input!

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  1. Try Shula's 347 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at LAX. They claim their steaks are better than prime(certified Angus beef)because of their selection process they say there are fewer available than "prime".
    My friend had the filet mignon and said it was the best he's ever had and he's been to all the best steakhouses in the US. All the side orders are $3.47 and good. Get the center cut Cowboy Steak (rib eye), they were out the night we went because they held back 30 for a big party coming in.

    Link: http://www.donshula.com/347/LAX/

    Image: http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/10...

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      I've never heard of Shula's before - thanks for the link. How were the prices of the entrees?

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        Prices for steaks are about the same as the other top of the line steak houses. $34 or something like that for the filet and comes as you saw it in the picture. As I mentioned the the side orders are $3.47 and they are good sized orders each enough for two people. The desserts are good and pretty large. I had a creme brulee that came in what looked like a 10" diameter dish. Need to meet someone at LAX for a layover or picking them up or dropping them off, its a definite consideration. They can also take the Sheraton Gateway Hotel shuttle to the airport afterward. Shula's also gives a three hour validation for the valet parking. Believe me I was surprised it was so good and in a hotel to top it off.


        Link: http://www.donshula.com/news/article0...

    2. Stick with Mastro's - you are at the pinnacle of LA steakhouses already.

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        I concur. Mastro's cannot be beat, tho I do want to try Shula's.

        I went to the new Mastro's in Costa Mesa the other night. I ordered the bone-in rib eye. I remembered JUST in the nick of time to ask for a room temp plate. When I got my steak for a moment I thought they'd given me a filet instead. This thing was the most beautifully trimmed steak I've ever seen. And -- I am not exagerating -- I could have cut it with my fork. It was a perfect medium-rare and tasty as can be. It was WELL worth the price -- $38.95 for the 12oz portion.

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          rabo encendido


          Did you notice if the Costa Mesa Mastro's is offering caviar service as a starter?

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            I went to Mastro's Steakhouse in Costa Mesa on Saturday night. My wife and I had caviar. It was terrific.

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          You will get just as good a steak at The Pacific Dining Car. Maybe even better.

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            I'll go with the Pacific Dining Car too.

        3. Mastro's is great, but Nick and Stef's is even better...The chains don't hold a candle to either of these...

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            I've never been to Nick & Stefs. I've heard good things, but I guess I have been hesitant to try it because I have never been blown away by a Patina Restaurant. If anything, I have found Pinot Hollywood and Cafe Pinot to be marginally disappointing. Is Nick and Stef's truly an exception?

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              I found Nick and Stefs very disapointing. The steaks weren't that great, sides were ho hum and wine service was way off for the price

            2. re: Big Dave

              HIGHLY disagree with previous post. Mastro's wipes the floor with Nic & Stef's. I've dined at each steakhouse (business forces me to frequent many steakhouses) over 10 times... On my own dime, I'd go to Mastro's anyday.

              Nic & Stef's doesn't even belong in the same sentence as Mastro's. Even within 2 miles, one can find a steakhouse superior to Nic & Stef's (i.e. Pacific Dining Car).

            3. Boa has an excellent NY Steak and a cool ambiance to boot.

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              1. re: JR

                strongly disagree with both of the reasons mentioned to go to Boa, and i know many others that concur with me.

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                  Love Boa especially the Santa Monica location. Love the bone-in filet with fois gras butter. Yum. Totally agree on food and ambiance. And I have a lot of friends and posters on here that would agree with me as well.

                2. So of the many threads Ive read from this posting and others, Im convinced I need to go to Mastro's. But looking at its $$$$ on citysearch, can someone tell me how much a dinner for two excluding drinks would cost @ Mastro's??

                  Looking for best steak, most reasonable price...
                  my friend tells me Taylor's is.

                  All input greatly appreciated, Thanks!!

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                    Taylor's provides a good steak, and is definitely way more reasonably priced than Mastro's, yet the whole package without money limitations belongs to Mastro's of the two, and by far.
                    As to the bucks at Mastro's, all sides are nearly $10 each, and quite often should be shared.
                    Allocate around $75 a person if having dessert, and considerably more if booze will be included.

                  2. The prices at Mastro's (Beverly Hills) are (or were unless they were raised (*), which wouldn't surprise me - there's nothing to stop you from calling and asking!!!):

                    $9.50 - Caesar Salad

                    $29.50 - Filet 8 oz.
                    $32.50 - Filet 12 oz.
                    $36.95 - N.Y. Strip 16 oz.
                    $39.95 - Kansas City Strip (bone-in) 18 oz.
                    $38.95 - Rib Eye (bone-in) 22 oz.
                    $39.95 - Porterhouse 24 oz.

                    $6.50 - Lyonnaise Potatoes
                    $7.50 to $9.50 - all other sides

                    Add tax and tip and you do the math...

                    (*) At Cut (just 1/4 mile away):

                    $48.00 - Rib Eye (bone-in) 20 oz. ~ or $2.40/oz. vs $1.77/oz. @ Mastro's
                    $34.00 - Filet 8 oz. ~ or $4.25/oz. vs $3.69/oz. @ Mastro's

                      1. re: AlwayzHungry

                        In OC the Steakhouse in Costa Mesa does, but Ocean Club does not.

                        1. re: AlwayzHungry

                          Yes they do, but official they say "when available." Botttom line from what I've read here (and word of mouth elsewhere), phone them first, see if it's available, and make your reservations early as they can/will run out:
                          $39.95 - Prime Rib 28 oz.

                          But if your hankering specifically for prime rib why not book your evening where the prime rib "NEVER" runs out:

                          Since it's Golden Globe Night, if I might quote a line from the Best Picture of 1962:

                          "...Yet I am poor, why? because I am a river (of prime rib in this case) to my people...."

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                            Mortons does a great Prime Rib on Fri and Sat nights for $39 and it's enough for 2 easy.

                        2. What about Cut? I haven't been yet, but heard it's fantastic.

                          1. I'm hearing big things about Cut...expensive but awesome quality is the word.

                              1. I've given up on Mastro's, not because the food isn't great but because every time I've been there, we've had a long wait and then we wind up at a small table that's too close to the ones around us, and it's just too noisy. No matter when we go, that seems to be the case.

                                My two favorite places for steak are probably Taylor's because it's more casual and reasonably priced, and Porterhouse Bistro because it's never crowded and the food and service are wonderful. Porterhouse Bistro is closed for remodelling at the moment but they're supposed to reopen next month.

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                                  Porterhouse Bistro has a great steak and the special they have for 2 is a great value.

                                2. Ruth's Chris. The butter makes it better.

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                                    why cover up good beef with butter? are they trying to hide something? =)

                                    1. re: wilafur

                                      Dan Tana's -- atmosphere over quality
                                      Mastro's -- quantity over quality, god-awful sides
                                      Palm -- just fine if a bit boring, prefer the lamb chops
                                      The Grill -- steak would not be my first choice on their menu
                                      Arnie Morton's -- okay, just not the same quality
                                      Morton's -- a disappointment, overpriced, heavy attitude
                                      Ruth's Chris -- delicious

                                    2. re: jcwla

                                      Ruth Cris'll prepare it any way you want. I had the rib-eye without butter, grilled, with light seasoning, the way I prefer it. Wow.

                                    3. Mastros is great, but I prefer The Dal Rae in Pico Rivera. It seems to me that this is what Mastros is trying to capture. The Dal Rae is crowded, has an upscale clientele, great service, and beautiful upscale atmosphere-- with a vintage patina that Mastros doesn't have. I've been disappointed at Mastros a couple of times, not severely, but the wait can be long, even with reservations. I've always walked out of the Dal Rae 100% satisfied. It is definitely worth a try for anyone in LA who appreciates great steaks and great atmosphere.

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                                        My favorites our DAL RAE & Ruth Chris's. All the steaks we've ordered from there have been excellent with the correct amount of flavor. I also enjoy the sidedishes.

                                        Tried Shula's wasn't impressed, way to expensive and overated. Mortons was good however the place just felt run down...

                                      2. I've never been to Mastro's so don't have a good point of reference, but my foodie sister and I agree on the following:

                                        -Ruth's Chris has the best ribeye (mmmm... butter....) and salad (the chopped salad) and is one of our favorite splurge places,

                                        -The Palm is very good (esp for the west coast Gigi salad and the chocolate cake!), but falls just a little short of Ruth's Chris with the same prices; however, their specials, discounts and annual free birthday lobster with the "837" (frequent dining) membership can make it a better value;

                                        -Taylor's is great value, and

                                        -For prime rib, Tam O Shanter (a Lawry's restaurant) on Los Feliz is a great choice -- since it comes with choice of really good sides (e.g. creamed corn, creamed spinach) it's the best value for a great prime rib dinner. And the chocolate souffles are to die for.

                                        -I don't care for Arnie Morton's or Nic and Stef's at all. I think both are overrated.

                                        1. i guess i'm in the minority here. i consistently find jar and boa (santa moica) to be better than mastro's. mastro's has them beat on "classic" steakhouse ambiance...but they can all be equal on attitude in their own way. mastro's has a fantastic bread basket, but after that i just don;t see why they are "the best". i always find the steak and sides tastier at jar or boa.

                                          1. I will agree with everyone that the quality of Mastro's is superb. I've eaten at Cut and I think they give Mastro's a run for their money...very expensive and top quality. I will add that I think the Cajun Ribeye at Mortons (435 S. La Cienega) is, in my opinion, the most flavorful steak you can get anywhere.

                                            And to the person who said the staff has attitude, I've never experienced anything less then excellent service there.