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Jul 12, 2011 08:56 PM

cherry turnover help

I just picked a whole bunch of sour cherries (montmorency) and I'd like to try to make cherry turnovers. I'm looking for good, specific tips since I've never done this before. A few questions: (a) Is a regular pie crust dough a good choice? I'd like to try to keep this non-dairy, so puff pastry (store bought) would be easy but I'd rather not; (b) what do you do to keep the turnovers from getting soggy? Should a regular cherry pie filling (cooked with tapioca, flour, sugar) work? how long do you cook your filling for? (last time I made a cherry pie, it was a soggy mess) and (c) I always have trouble getting the dough-filling ratio right. Too much filling and it doesn't close, too little filling and it's dough-y tasting. Tips??? The more specific the better. Thanks so much.

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