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Jul 12, 2011 06:26 PM

wedding favors - chips and salsa


We are having a lot of out of town guests for our wedding in LA, and i'd like to put chips and salsa in their welcome bags.

Does anyone know somewhere I could get packaged chips and salsa in bulk? I would like a CA-based brand, something true to CA. I do not want to DIY it and put chips in small bags and salsa in jars. Will not happen, time-wise available.

Please let me know your thoughts!!


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  1. Trader Joe's? Their regular salsa is very good and inexpensive -- just over a buck a jar. They also have a variety of special flavored salsas. And lots of varieties of chips -- from plain tortilla chips all the way to vegetable chips.

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      What a fun idea to have in the bag!

      Trader Joe's salsas are great - and cheap - but you might want to consider talking to a manager at Ralphs and getting a supply of Homeboy Salsa and chips. Completely local and fab story behind it.

    2. For the chips, Have'A Corn chips! They sell 4 oz bags for about $1.29 in stores. They're made in Laguna Beach and their signature is there is soy sauce on them. Here's a link to a thread:

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          Do they still carry these at whole foods in LA? Thanks!!:)

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              Not sure about LA, but definitely OC. Also I've seen them at Mother's Market and Henry's.

              Mother's Market
              10928 Valley Mall, El Monte, CA 91731

          1. Homeboy Industries chips & salsa are local products *and* benefit a good cause:

            perhaps if you contact the company directly you can work something out with them?

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              That would be my suggestion, too. Great cause and tasty. I called them recently about something....and they were very helpful. I'd call their offices and see what they can do. They've got a website.

              1. Cool thanks everyone!:) I will definitely take a look at those options. More the merrier!