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Jul 12, 2011 06:04 PM

Can't Miss Spots In York Area


I will be going to York for about a week, I have never been to Maine before. Any suggestions for cant' miss spots in the York area? I have a preference for little hole in the wall spots, so anything like that would be great.

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  1. I was coming on here to ask the same question - headed to York in late April, what's not to miss?

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    1. re: Bugsey34

      Blue Sky used to be run by Lydia Shire--not sure how the kitchen is these days

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        Heading up in May - our 3rd visit - we are addicted to Maine!! Staying in Ogunquit and will head to 98 Provence and MC Perkins Cove. This place looks good - may try it!

    2. Brown's Ice Cream and Fox's Lobster ! The pub at the York Harbor Inn has some good bar food at Happy Hour.

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        Thanks for the responses, guys! I think that Brown's and Fox's might be closed for the season, will wait and see. We're excited for our trip next week, will report back here after!

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          If you go to Blue Sky, please let me know how it is. I'm going in May. Thanks!

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            Before going to Blue Sky, please check the previous posts For this establishment. on Chowhound. Unless its vastly improved in the last year. Its not rated by viewers of this site very well.

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              I must not be searching right because I can't find anything.........

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                  Thank you! I put in Blue Sky York Beach and got my post! That's it!

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                    For the next time I put "Blue Sky" in quotes and set the search options to look at 5 years.

      2. I know it's not remarkable and it's a tourist trap, but I like Goldenrod. It's fun to watch them make, they have cream cheese and jelly sandwiches on the menu!

        1. In Kittery I like When Pigs Fly

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            I still haven't tried Anneke Jans but would like to.

            1. re: rcburli

              last summer was better than ever. don't think it closes for the season. the wine list continues to grow as well. go and enjoy those fried green olives.

          2. We are back from our York trip last weekend - we had a great time. We were happily surprised with the food at our hotel, the York Harbor Inn. The dinner we had there was very good, I had broiled scallops and my husband had a burger. Delicious fries, cocktails and plenty of options on the menu.
            The only other place we ate at near York was the Cape Neddick Lobster Pound, which was just OK. The boiled lobsters were fine but the service was slow and it was so dark it was hard to see! It had a strange atmosphere for some reason.
            We had great lobsters and blueberry pie at Barnacle Billy's in Ogunquit - very casual place where you seat yourself and there's no table service, but a wonderful view at the outdoor seating and delicious food. The homemade pie was really the best we saw in Maine that weekend.
            Another great stop on the way up from Boston was Petey's in Rye, NH - but I guess that doesn't apply to a York thread!