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Jul 12, 2011 05:25 PM

Plugra for under (or not much over) $4 a pound?

Anybody seen that kind of price lately? At $5 or more a pound, I'll use something else.

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  1. Well... if you buy a case (12?, 10?) from Whole Foods, you can get it for $4.50 a lb. It does freeze well. Of course, that is not the $4/lb. they used to sell it for.

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    1. re: Paul H

      Or the $3 some places were selling it for less than two years ago. Maybe I could special-order a case from Oasis.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        You might be able to special order it from Smart and Final, too. I think they were selling it boxes with three one-pound bricks.

    2. Whole Foods El Camino Real, Los Altos is once again carrying the 1-lb. unsalted red-wax-paper-wrapped blocks of Plugra for $4.99. Expensive, but not as bad as buying two of the half-pound packages at 3.99 each. We do like Plugra in our house!

      1. I'd suggest checking out Smart and Final and possibly ordering it from them. They were selling the 1ld red wax paper wrapped blocks for something like $3 or $3.50 a ld for a long time. There was only a few Smart and Finals in Los Angeles area that carried it while many others did not. You might want to try calling around to see if certain stores up here have it.

        1. There were reports of the red-wrapper one-pound blocks for $5 or a bit less at Berkeley Bowl and various Whole Foods branches this summer, though not every day. I don't think there have been any reports of it appearing at a Smart & Final in the past year.

          Berkeley Bowl
          2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

          1. Crossroads World Market had the red wax paper one-pound blocks for $4.49. That was the Mountain View location, but I assume the Hayward location carries it as well.