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Jul 12, 2011 04:19 PM

Are there any quality Mariachi dinner shows in Puerto Vallarta..anyone anyone??

Are there any good places for a mariachi dinner show in puerto vallarta?

Something open air would be nice. I'm sure there's plenty of places with nightly entertainment but I'd really like to see a real mariachi dinner show.

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  1. Yes, Mariachi Loco on I.Vallarta which is on the south side has a nice show. I would go just for drinks, after dinner elsewhere. Any taxi driver will know where it is. When I lived there, I would stand outside and watch the show, as I really like Mariachi. Just be aware that you must tip very well for any requested songs when they begin walking around.

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      Sorry but afs will have to look elsewhere. Sign is gone and building looks empty.
      Most restaurants have touring mariachi groups that stop to perform tableside on request.