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Jul 12, 2011 04:06 PM

The Galley Pop-Up at Clooney's [San Francisco]

A friend and I stopped in today at The Galley, a pop-up operating out of Clooney's, a pub on Valencia and 25th.

The menu included six or seven sandwiches, priced from around $6 (for a peanut butter and jelly with fresh-ground peanut butter and seasonal jam) to around $8 or $9 at the upper end. Sandwiches come straight up, no sides. We ordered a Reuben, a catfish sandwich (which was an off-menu special) and a side of pickled pepper eggs. They take credit cards, which is nice (and surprising).

From best to not best:
Pickled pepper eggs came two to on order, radioactive yellow in color and settled on a bed of pretzel sticks and hot peppers. Tasty, perhaps an ideal bar snack.

Reuben: Reasonable amount of meat on nicely oiled and grilled bread. This was probably the least amount of meat that I've seen on a Reuben, but it was also not a $14 sandwich, as they can sometimes be.

Catfish special: The fish seemed pretty good--delicate and not at all muddy--but was completely overwhelmed by assertive Brie. I don't think there's any cheese I would want on a catfish sandwich, but if there is one, it's got to be more subtle than a fat-bomb like Brie.

Atmosphere: Bleak. We were the only people eating at the pop-up. There were about 6 other people drinking at the bar, watching a "Girls Gone Wild" type video with fuzzed out T&A, and when one of the patrons kept needling another (about an ex-girlfriend, maybe?) the man yelled out "WHY YOU GOTTA KEEP TALKIN' ABOUT DIANE." A few other choice quotes that I might incorporate into a dystopian short story at a later date. That about sums up the experience.

Another review that about chimes with our lunch:

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  1. So this place is still alive and well. Both the pop up and the bar, actually.

    My friend had a pretty decent burger - but they had run out of the fries.

    I did have an interesting sandwich - it was called a french onion sandwich - same ingredients as the soup but with giant slices of buttered bread.

    After a few drinks of Glenlivet, it was glorious. I would not say it is extremely chow-worthy but since I found the thread, thought I would update it.