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Jul 12, 2011 03:28 PM

"Fried Chicken and Champagne" by Lisa Dupar - Anyone have it?

I have seen this book (and IACP award winner) mentioned here and there in various posts. But - most posters don't seem to have this book yet. I was just wondering if anyone actually has this cookbook and has cooked out of it yet. I am intrigued, as I usually am about a cookbook I can't seem to find anywhere and peruse with my own eyes. It seems to be available mostly on line and is a little pricy for something I can't browse through. The reviews online seem a bit thin. Thanks for any info anyone has.

P.S. Like I need another book to add to my list of "must buy" books :)

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  1. Just ran across your post while looking for reviews of this book. What I wrote on another thread:

    I think the reviews are rather sparse because she self-published the book. She doesn't have the big PR engine that comes with a publishing house. I lot of people probably haven't even heard of the book unless they have been to the restaurant.
    She did win the Julia Child award for a first book in the IACP 2011 awards. So the book will probably get picked up by a publisher.

    In case you are interested, this book is one of the contenders for COTM for September. If it wins, there will be a whole group of us cooking out of it, so you might want to follow the vote, or even join in!

    1. I didn't buy it at the IACP conference, but I looked at it long and hard. I had already exceeded my book purchase "allowance" (self imposed) for the conference because I got Diana Kennedy's new one ($50.00!)

      Isn't it on Amazon? no discount? I would buy it. Looks good.

      What about checking out a Borders GOB sale?

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        After reading more about the book on the voting thread for the September COTM, I decided to break my cardinal rule of not buying a cookbook that I haven't seen firsthand, and ordered it off Amazon last night. The price was $31.00 there. Jessica's Biscuit apparently had it, but now it is on backorder there.
        It doesn't look like it will be the COTM, but either way, I look forward to seeing what it has to offer. If someone does a thread on FC&C, I promise to try to cook out of it and chime in :) I'm a lurker on the COTM threads because I never seem to manage to be cooking out of the current title. I don't want to be a voter when I feel like I won't manage to participate. (Guilty sigh). But they are certainly a great reference source for the cookbooks that are chosen.

        Thanks to both of you for your input.

      2. I own this book and was reminded of how much I like it during the most recent COTM nomination process (June, 2013). Thought I would jot down my experience with it here because it has not been indexed on EYB yet (grrrr).

        First of all, it is a beautiful book. Not too cumbersome to hold, really beautiful photographs, and lots of cute notes interspersed within the text.

        So far I have made the angel food french toast with summer raspberries (p. 42); scallion cheddar scones (p. 43) and the pulled bourbon braised beef short ribs (p. 138) - all of which were delectable.

        It is a goal of mine to spend more time with this book now that I have rediscovered it. When I do, I will report back here.

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        1. re: dkennedy

          Lisa is a well-regarded and talented chef/caterer (plus café owner) in our community here in SEA; she has run a creative and very classy catering company (mostly known for this) for nearly 18 years....

          I have several friends who own this book, and I have seen and thumbed through it.

          Thanks for the reminder that I should pick up a copy! I will get on that, and report back along with you dkennedy:)!

          The book can be purchased here:

          1. re: gingershelley

            dk and gingershelley, just a reminder that if you do start posting recipe reviews from the book here (and that would be great and I'll likely join you) you should add it to the "Cooking From Non-COTM books thread here:


            That way we won't lose track of it and there's a greater chance others will join in.

            1. re: dkennedy

              It is currently being indexed on EYB, dkennedy.

              I have this book, love the looks of it, but had forgotten about it. Glad to be reminded to pull it off the shelf and give some of these recipes a try.

              1. re: nomadchowwoman

                That is exciting news. I can't wait until it is indexed!