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Jul 12, 2011 01:36 PM

pubs/brewpubs in Halifax and St John NB

doing the day stop in both on a cruise ship and trying to hit a few good spots for food and drink in both towns without being herded up like sheep......I have read up on Henry House , looking for some updated feedback on Thistle, Roost and any newer spots where the pub cuisine is best shown. Haven't gotten
any info on St Johns......we may or may not have our youngsters who may stay on board with a relative. Much appreciated. Trip will be in late August.

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  1. got the heads up on SJAH in St Johns and also Brittspub. Both pushed moreso for brew but hows the food at either?

    1. I really like the Old Triangle in Halifax (Prince Street), which isn't a brew pub but just a nice pub with good food and lots of beer. I really like the beer from Garrison Brewery (especially the Red and Raspberry Wheat) which is located in front of the pier where the cruise ships dock. I don't know if they serve food there though, as I just buy their beer at restaurants or at the liquor store.

      1. This thread is old but not complete. Best brew pub in Halifax = Rogue's Roost on Spring Garden. There is also a newer brew pub called the Hart & Thistle that is supposed to be good. I think it's on Water St. The Henry House is a British style pub on Barrington St. that is the only place serving Granite Brewery ales (though not brewed in house). You can find Propeller and Garrison beers at various pubs in town, including The Old Triangle and the Halifax Ale House.

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          the henry house is NOT the only spot serving granite brewery beers! The fickle frog also does for sure, and I think a few other places have picked them up on tap as well. (The granite brewery's peculiar is my all time favorite beer)

          I also put a vote in for the Hart and thistle - though I was less impressed with the beer and more wowed by the lamb burger.

          Also consider checking out Rock Bottom, the brewmaster who is working there now used to work at both Garrison and hart and thistle so he has tons of experience.

          Stop by the garrison brewery to pick up flavours you won't find served anywhere - like their amazing jalepeno beer. mmm.

          oh, and avoid the halifax alehouse. when you have so many other genuinely awesome places to choose from