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Jul 12, 2011 01:31 PM

Ist Time at Blue Pear

Recently had the opportunity to go to the Blue Pear for the first time, and left with mixed feelings

The Good - Enjoyed the atmosphere, the table settings, the art, the lighting and of course of the service. The servers were friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. The appetizers, I think, were the star of the meal. Between the four of us we tried to Beef and Squid salad, the rabbit two (or three) ways, and a couple of the deconstructed tacos. All were hits, with great plating, interesting seasonings and style, and flavours. Nice and interesting starters to our meal. The bread was warm, the butter cold and the meal was off to a great start.

The Fair - The mains. Nothing wrong with them really, just kind of boring compared to the starters. Four items available, and we tried three. The chicken./prawn dish, the steak and the pork (X's 2). All cooked well, flavourful, but really quite boring. The steak was grilled and topped with tarragon butter, accompanied with haricots vert...and french fried planks of potatoes. All tasted good, but a little boring. The Pork was well cooked, the sauce was great, the sweet potato salad was uninspired. The veg was OK but again boring. The chicken...a nicely cooked breast with a jumbo prawn and succotash. The chicken and prawn were nice, the succotash really mediocre.

The desserts, coffee and tea, and the wine, were all great.

The disappointment really was with the main course. I was looking forward to a real experience...and got pretty plain.

Anyone else have that experience?

Blue Pear Restaurant
10643 123 Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 1P3, CA

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  1. Thanks for the review - It's one of the restaurants I have on my to-visit list. Perhaps Fork Fest is a good time to check it out - $45 for 3 courses, less of a price commitment.

    What did you have for dessert?

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    1. re: foodkarma

      We had a chocolate brownie sort of dish...very rich and nicely plated (X's 2), and two other ones that I cannot remember the details of. I was too busy enjoying my chocolate fix!

    2. I've found that because they change the menu all the time you never know what to expect when you go there. I've had times where every dish was an experience except for maybe one, and times when there were one or two really special dishes with everything else being, as you say, nothing wrong but a bit boring.

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