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Jul 12, 2011 01:31 PM

Birthday Dinner in Westchester

I have a meat and potatoes guy on my hands - so I know I can go to Gabriele's in Greenwich or Willet house in Port Chester. But I'd love to find something other than a steakhouse. Cookery looks great - but I don't see steak on the menu. Any other suggestions? I'm even open to Arthur Avenue - Roberto's maybe?

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  1. The Cookery has steak, listed as "Market" steak on their menu--but as much as I love the Cookery, I wouldn't consider it a special occasion destination. I would suggest X20 in Yonkers

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      Argh -cookery doesn't take reservations for parties of 2 on Friday or Saturday nights!

    2. Maybe BLT in WHite Plains ?

      1. If you are interested in traveling to Rockland, Restaurant X has an amazing deal running this Thursday through Sunday---Salad, cowboy steak for 2 (the one that beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef FWIW) with all the side dishes, creme brulee, and 2 glasses of wine for $80. I created a separate post about this which was removed with lightening speed by the CH moderator....WHY oh WHY?!?!?

        1. I loved my birthday dinner at North and the Porchetta couldn't be more suited to a meat eater. Everything we have had there has been between exceptional and very good, and we have been inspired by their menu to adapt some of their dishes. The flat bread with ricotta and mushrooms is fantastic. I believe that there was a steak on the menu, but you can call them to check.