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Jul 12, 2011 12:40 PM

Have any of you used Penzey's Sate Seasoning? How do you like to use it?

I read the recipes on the Penzeys site, so I know how I could use it, but would love to hear some tried and true uses.

Would love to hear recommendations for the ways any of you have enjoyed using it. Thanks for any feedback.

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  1. For a quick marinade, I just mix it with some vegetable oil to make a thick paste and rub it on chicken. I do that for the satay meat too.

    I'm not a huge fan of the Penzey's seasoning though -- it doesn't have enough flavor for my taste. I prefer the paste type I get from the asian market.

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    1. re: boogiebaby

      Thanks! I'll try it out on chicken tonight.

      1. re: prima

        3 tsp Penzeys Sate seasoning + 2 tbsp seasoned rice vinegar + 1 tbsp sunflower oil + 1 tbsp minced ginger + 1 lb boneless skinless chicken thighs turned out pretty good last night.

        Will keep my eyes open for the sate paste once I use up my jar of Penzeys Sate seasoning.