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Jul 12, 2011 12:29 PM

cooking/kitchen store in Rome, Venice or FVG

Hello fellow Chowhounders! I will be returning to Italy in 78 days (but who's counting!) and we will be in Rome 4 days, Venice 4 days, then driving around Veneto and FVG for 5 days.

I am looking to do a little shopping in kitchen or cooking stores while we are there. I am a bit of a kitchen gadget nut and have been cooking alot of Italian the last couple of years. So I am looking to indulge my habit while expanding my Italian cooking repatoire. Thinking of things like a garganelli tool, a chitarra, etc. Just for a reference, I love digging around Dehillerin and A. Simon in Paris and Sur La Table and my local cooking stores here in Portland.

I welcome any and all suggestions you might have for me!

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  1. There is a small chain of cookware stores in Rome called c.u.c.i.n.a. It is roughly the Italian equivalent of Williams-Sonoma and likely not the place to find a bargain.

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      Thanks David - it will be some place fun to browse even if it is a little over budget!

    2. ekc, I cannot recall the specific name of the restaurant supply store in Rome but it was recommended by the hotel chef. I wanted the very heavy meat pounder I saw him use and was lucky enough to find the exact duplicate. Perhaps if you ask for a recommendation, you may luck out too. I bought four and hauled them back to the hotel on public transportation.
      This was not a fancy W-S-type store; it was tiny, littered, dusty and full of treasures. Good luck on your hunt.

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        Thanks Sherri! We are staying in a hotel without a restaurant, but our first dinner is at Roscioli so maybe I will ask the chef there - thanks for the tip!

        Via dei Giubbonari 21/23, Rome, Lazio 00186, IT

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          The tiny, littered, dusty store might have been Limentani on Via Portico d'Ottavia.

          House & Kitchen on Via del Plebiscito is large and not as W-Sy (or pricey) as c.u.c.i.n.a.

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              Limentani is huge and specialized more in ceramics and glassware than gadgets. A no-name store i love going to is the one in Prati, close to cola di rienzo, on piazza della unita. As you are facing the covered market, take the street on the left, it is a small store that goes a few steps down. Has everything for the kitchen at better prices than cucina. Gusto also has a fancy store, too expensive but fun to browse thru.

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                Thanks Vino - it is going on the map!

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                  I love that store off Cola di Rienzo!

            2. The only good kitchenware shop in Venice that I have come across is in Santa Croce. I don' know the name of the calle but I always run into it strolling from the Rialto market to Campo San Giacomo da l'Orio. It it on the right side of the street as one walk from Campo Santa Maria Mater to the Ponte de Lo Spezier and before calle del Tintor. Sorry that I can't give better written direction and I never found out the name of the shop. It cannot compare to Dehillerin or A Simon but has a good and interesting stock of cooking utensils, gadgets, pots and pans, etc. Not exactly what you are looking for but Kirei is a small beautiful designer shop on the corner of Campo Bella Vienna near the Rialto Market. It has some Alessi inspired gadgets, some china, silverware, designer appliances as well as a few cooking items. Worth a browse if one is visiting the Rialto.

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                Thanks PB! Of course we will be returning to the Rialto, so I will stop into Kirei. And I will go on the hunt for the store in Santa Croce - if I find it I will let you know the name/address!

              2. Here are my favorites:
                Limentani: located in the Ghetto. Besides gadgets, it's fun to wander their cavernous spaces oggling the discounted tableware.
                House & Kitchen, Via del Plebiscito: Great for coffee pots, etc. as well as Alessi stuff and gadgets.
                C.U.C.I.N.A. - has a few locations around town.
                Bodum: This is a German brand, but very fun to go to their boutique. Located near Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina.
                Spazio Sette: Via del Barbieri. The emporium of high end design. Ground floor in the back devoted to kitchen stuff.
                'Gusto: This group of restaurants on Piazza Agusto Imperatore also has a great little kitchen store.

                Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 7, Rome, Lazio , IT

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                  Thanks Elizabeth - as usual, fantastic and thorough recs!