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Chef Gordon Ramsey @ Mike & Nellis, OceanTwp.

Stopped by and saw the crew setting up for tonights re-opening. You have to have an invite for the opening. Crew said it will air sometime in Sep. on Kitchen Nightmares. No glimpse of the chef. Was told he was not there at the time. Seems he did some shopping for the restaurant at Monmouth Meats in Red Bank.

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  1. So I would assume being they are doing a KN show that this place is to be avoided ?

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    1. re: Tapas52

      I wonder how a restaurant overcomes being referred to as a nightmare.

      1. re: pinksalt

        Seems like most of them _don't_ overcome it. Calling in Chef Ramsey and the KN team is generally a desperate, last resort. And evidently, the owners are often not really interested in changing or addressing the problems that are making them tank in the first place.

        1. re: The Professor

          I'd be interested to see figures on this.

    2. After my last visit and bad experience (see my review elsewhere on CH) this place is to be totally avoided- unless you like throwing away money for food.

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        It will be interesting if Chef Ramsey witnessed and addresses the issues that you had to unfortunetly experience. I suspect there will be issues we would rather not know about also.

      2. M&N is definitely worthy of a KN makeover, as long as they listen and are open to change... we'll see if it sticks... My last visit was my LAST visit unless they turn it around after this

        1. My son went there after the reopening and said that after sitting at his table for 30 minutes waiting to place his order, he got up and left. Sounds like it didn't work

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            I am also bothered by the fact that the "Grand Re-Opening" flags, now faded and tattered, are still up. This is a pet peeve of mine that demonstrates (at least to me) a lack of pride in ownership and attention to detail.

            1. re: MichelleM131

              This makes me wonder as well. How could a business owner not notice this?

              1. re: tommy

                Sort of tells you all you need to know, really.

          2. Any Idea when/if this episode will be aired? It's mid September & I can't find any indication when the new season would be broadcast.

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            1. re: equal_Mark

              New season of KN starts September 23rd Friday.

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                If anyone finds out when the episode is on, please post.

                1. re: charmel

                  it will broadcast as the 3rd episode

                  1. re: NJDolfan

                    The "Mike & Nellis" episode of KN will be broadcast this Friday, 7 October at 8pm on WNYW - Channel 5 (Or whatever your Cable/Satellite equivalent may be...)

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                        Thanks Mark. Can't wait as M&N has long been dropped from my short list of 'local' eateries - and I'd like to see what went down - though for us former patrons, we KNEW.

                        As I circle around past their restaurant on my way to Scoops (ice cream parlor) , I find the parking lot to be full most evenings. Blind myopic zealots? or did the plac really improve?

                2. anticipating Friday's show, after years of avoiding it as it drifted downard, in one word: UNDERWHELMING. Decor uninspiring ... decorating eclectic seeking an indentity but not sure what that identity was; chairs uncomfortable; (certainly not "ooh and awww" worthy) ... but it had been a long time since I'd seen the inside; service inept and not-attentive; food could have been our mistake because we didn't have "steak" (pricey and it is a la carte) but everything pricey (and everything served, at best, lukewarm. - guess we didn't eat the Jersey Salad quick enough so entrees sat) and anything "Cowboy" sized doesn't appeal. But Monmouth Meats (supposedly the source) has good qualty meat ... Steamers and 3 other fish entrees out of 5 not available altho listed as "Steak and Seafood." Crab cakes rather like hockey pucks - hard on the outside with thick "breading" and a taste of watercress on the side. Shredded crabmeat inside (they said Maryland but not so sure, not much taste at all - couldn't taste Old Bay in sauce or crab) and dropped in the deep fryer - very commercial. Disappointing to the Queen of Crab ... The Asparagus ranged in size from nice pencil-thin to tree trunk. That was Hollandaise? Veal parm (the smaller portion) sauce salty and thin ... presentations just didn't meausre up. Waiter didn't seem to be able to give good directions to closest liquor store (we forget our BYOB) ... and needs some training in service if they are going "high end" ... do not pile the dishes on the table when clearing! - especially the "timing" (very long wait for ordering and it wasn't like they were busy); commercial bread and 2 rolls nothing to write home about and too much garlic in the butter, it was bitter ... we asked for regular and he brought it. No coffee, no dessert - not even the offer of it and no dessert prices on the menu (that I noticed) . All a la carte ... $4 for a side of angel hair (you have to ask for it) and all other sides $5 ...

                  The Jeresy Salad was rather unispired ... and overwhelmed with too much dressing; bits of pears and raw red onions ... very poor presentation ... large enough to share for two ...

                  Sorry, but NYC prices won't fly Down the Shore ... espcially when there are so many good resturants to chose from. Well worth the price, tho, if the place had hit the target with great food and presentation ... Maybe Ramsey wasn't even aware that the area coudn't or wouldn't support a steak house ... several have closed in the last couple of years (or maybe that's what he hoped to capture) and if they are relying on Seafood for the non-meat eaters, they've got a long long way to go. ... Should have asked where the salmon was from ... my bad. Wasn't listed so I assume Atlantic or farm raised and passed it by.

                  Maybe the "chef" was off ... but then I just read his resume on line ... too bad., was looking for and expecting a new exciting choice - and if you are a meat eater, it might be just the thing. But I'll stick to my own grill and a trip to Red Bank to Monmouth Meats!

                  Can hardly wait 'til Friday nite anyway ... just to compare. .

                    1. re: charmel

                      has anyone been there since the relaunch i saw last night on the KN show?

                      1. re: Tapas52

                        Please see review above from Tuesday nite just prior to the showing ....

                        Thinking that Friday nite was more a "makeover" of Mike and the family rather than the restuarant. Ramsey going for a a Dr. Phil series maybe? Seems like Mike has returned to his old ways ... very disappointing considering the prices ... glad that they explained the rope on the back wall ... never imagined it being called "modern art." ... but then anything decor is an improvement from what they showed as "before." "Oh! wow!" definately missing ... and what's with those "curtains? Hope they vacuum 'em regularly ...

                        1. re: katief2

                          Agree there was an over-emphasis on the touchy feely psychobabble. Would rather they had featured more footage on the actual refurbishing of the dining room and retraining of the staff. Ramsey should have called in Robert Irvine after witnessing the first dinner rush disaster...

                      2. re: charmel

                        I was only to able to see snipets last nite(baby on board!). What I did see made me so sad. I felt like it wasn't about food but a family"s personal struggle. Will catch the rerun...maybe. Wish ing them well.
                        ETA Oops..I ment this as a reply to all not to you Tapas52

                        1. re: pinksalt

                          Comcast has it On Demand. Others might have it, too. So you might not need to wait for reruns.

                          1. re: cantkick

                            Its also on line on Fox TV Full Episodes.

                            1. re: pinksalt

                              These shows are often about families' personsal struggles. When a business is tanking, personal lives are flipped on their heads. These are often business in which multiple family members participate and have a stake.

                              Story lines about mediocre food aren't very interesting nor do they make for good for TV.

                                1. re: tommy

                                  Not sure from where you pulled out the comment on story lines about mediocre food. Robert Irvine does a more balanced job of presenting the renovation of crappy restaurants without such a heavy emphasis on the Dr. Phil-ogistics.

                                  1. re: equal_Mark

                                    I wasn't responding to you and your comment on Irvine.

                                    1. re: tommy

                                      Which comes first? The personal problems of those involved and the demise of a restaurant or the other way round ... chicken v egg., Does a couple of days of reality therapy really work and a couple of nites of without quelling the "demons?" Old "habits" die hard.... nite of relauch shows that every time.

                                      I do wish him and his family well. but to turn around a dying restuarant is sometimes insurmountable - especially if the "owner" is in denial and the staff doesn't seem invested in it (inept service and uninterested manager at the podium who barely said "good nite" upon leaving). Be interesting to see long term if anything changes but we won't be going there again. .

                                      1. re: katief2

                                        Every time? I'd be curious to see some citations on this.

                                        1. re: tommy

                                          The scary part is that so many restaurants have the same disgusting dirty kitchen issues which are never addressed...meanwhile people are eating at these establishments paying good money...its very sad.

                                          1. re: Tapas52

                                            Away for the weekend...DVR'd this episode. Mike seems like a tough guy to instill change. "I've been making chicken francese for 35 years". In my years of kitchens in Manhattan, these are the words used most by me: I've had a fantastic aquarium in my home for 40 years. Surely I am an expert. However, EVERY Friday when I cashed my paycheck, first thing I did was head to the shop to replace the fish that did not survive the week. But, I had a fish tank for 40 years. Mike runs on autopilot, so when it gets busier, and or he's had a drink or two, the end product is not good. What a waste of prime meat! Mike, lean on your staff. That's part of the deal.

                                            1. re: chefdaddyo

                                              "Mike runs on autopilot, so when it gets busier, and or he's had a drink or two, the end product is not good. What a waste of prime meat!"

                                              Do you have experience at Mike's restaurant to make these claims? Or are these observations based purely on 40 minutes of an edited TV show that the rest of us saw.

                                              1. re: tommy

                                                Purely based on the TV, tommy. But, my experience in quality kitchens, tells me that Mike has probably not eaten (dined) at any 'white tablecloth' restaurants in his own vicinity for quite some time, if ever. Perhaps he should treat his key kitchen crew to an early lunch at a competitor's establishment.

                                          2. re: tommy

                                            oh wow! no ax to grind, huh, Tommy? Every single one of the episodes that I've seen ... but then I do spoken to one who was there relaunch night that didn't go smoothly without its own glitches ... that's why they call 'em "soft openings" - it would be expected (and makes for good "drama" on the tube). Change is hard and does not come easily to anyone ... it must be the decor, it's the customers (or lack of them) ... it can't be the food or me! And we of Monmouth Co sure need more non-Italian choices for sure! :-)

                                            1. re: katief2

                                              Let me toss in a few more thoughts. I did see the video on Fox5. Chef made Chicken Francese. "One of our most popular items". The saute pan had seen better days. If you're going to represent your business on a show that probably reaches the entire tri-state area, why not break out a new $22 saute pan? Francese made with sherry wine? I'm pretty sure it's only made with a dry white, or else it's not really Francese. And good kitchens know that when plating, odd numbers far outwheigh even ones. Chef had four slices garnishing his Francese plate. Three (or five) slices is much more appealing to the eye. Finally to his Sous Chefs: he owes you something after sweating next to him for a year or two. Knowledge! You guys should be taking over the line, finalizing the schedule, completeing the ordering process, adding to the nightly specials. I've said my piece.

                                              1. re: chefdaddyo

                                                Our family lived near Mike's dad Nelson in Middletown for many years. Nelson was excellent at running the front of the house. Always friendly and chatting/joking with the customers. Many of the regulars loved being around Nelson, but Mike always stayed in the kitchen.

                                                Once Nelson passed away there was no one to fill his role in the restaurant. Thats was Mike's first mistake. He needed someone to run the front end of the house after his dad was gone. In addition its clear that Mike was not able to cope without his dad around. In spite of Chef Ramsey's facelift on the restaurant if they want to succeed they need to fix Mike, or Mike needs to step aside and let someone else run the kitchen.

                                                1. re: scrappyone

                                                  You're right about Mike. What was the General Manager's job? He just seemed to stand around and do nothing. Shouldn't he have been running the front and supervising the wait staff?

                              1. I watched this last night on FiOS On Demand and wasn't overly impressed. Nothing really makes me remotely interested in checking this place out, with the exception of the fact that they serve prime meats. Takes more than Gordon to lure me in...if the food were indeed great, that would be a different story. -mJ