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Jul 12, 2011 12:24 PM

Chef Gordon Ramsey @ Mike & Nellis, OceanTwp.

Stopped by and saw the crew setting up for tonights re-opening. You have to have an invite for the opening. Crew said it will air sometime in Sep. on Kitchen Nightmares. No glimpse of the chef. Was told he was not there at the time. Seems he did some shopping for the restaurant at Monmouth Meats in Red Bank.

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  1. So I would assume being they are doing a KN show that this place is to be avoided ?

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    1. re: Tapas52

      I wonder how a restaurant overcomes being referred to as a nightmare.

      1. re: pinksalt

        Seems like most of them _don't_ overcome it. Calling in Chef Ramsey and the KN team is generally a desperate, last resort. And evidently, the owners are often not really interested in changing or addressing the problems that are making them tank in the first place.

        1. re: The Professor

          I'd be interested to see figures on this.

    2. After my last visit and bad experience (see my review elsewhere on CH) this place is to be totally avoided- unless you like throwing away money for food.

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      1. re: sockster

        It will be interesting if Chef Ramsey witnessed and addresses the issues that you had to unfortunetly experience. I suspect there will be issues we would rather not know about also.

      2. M&N is definitely worthy of a KN makeover, as long as they listen and are open to change... we'll see if it sticks... My last visit was my LAST visit unless they turn it around after this

        1. My son went there after the reopening and said that after sitting at his table for 30 minutes waiting to place his order, he got up and left. Sounds like it didn't work

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          1. re: littlejohnnie

            I am also bothered by the fact that the "Grand Re-Opening" flags, now faded and tattered, are still up. This is a pet peeve of mine that demonstrates (at least to me) a lack of pride in ownership and attention to detail.

            1. re: MichelleM131

              This makes me wonder as well. How could a business owner not notice this?

              1. re: tommy

                Sort of tells you all you need to know, really.

          2. Any Idea when/if this episode will be aired? It's mid September & I can't find any indication when the new season would be broadcast.

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            1. re: equal_Mark

              New season of KN starts September 23rd Friday.

              1. re: Tapas52

                If anyone finds out when the episode is on, please post.

                1. re: charmel

                  it will broadcast as the 3rd episode

                  1. re: NJDolfan

                    The "Mike & Nellis" episode of KN will be broadcast this Friday, 7 October at 8pm on WNYW - Channel 5 (Or whatever your Cable/Satellite equivalent may be...)

                      1. re: equal_Mark

                        Thanks Mark. Can't wait as M&N has long been dropped from my short list of 'local' eateries - and I'd like to see what went down - though for us former patrons, we KNEW.

                        As I circle around past their restaurant on my way to Scoops (ice cream parlor) , I find the parking lot to be full most evenings. Blind myopic zealots? or did the plac really improve?