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Restaurant Week menus (2011)

I noticed that Cadot has their RW menu posted ... link on main page http://www.cadotrestaurant.com/

Has anyone seen any others?

Cadot Restaurant
18111 Preston Rd # 120, Dallas, TX 75252

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  1. I've seen a few scattered around here and there. I'm super excited for RW--this year will be my first experience with RW and with serious dining in Dallas in general. I'm already experiencing option anxiety about which places to hit up.

    Tei-An: http://www.tei-an.com/images/Tei_An_R...

    Kenichi: http://www.kenichidallas.com/menu/res...

    Nosh: http://www.nosheurobistro.com/RWM-201...

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      Thanks for these links! I must say the Tei-An RW menu is not exciting me (unlike the regular menu/specials). Kenichi looks good ...

      1722 Routh St, Dallas, TX 75201

        1. Shinsei:


          Perry's Steakhouse:


          Shinsei Restaurant
          7713 Inwood Rd., Dallas, TX 75209

          1. Does anyone know if they are doing a preview week? I can't find the information online.

            Charlie Palmer's menu is up:


            So is Bolla:


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              1. I noticed this review (from 3 years ago) saying their Rest. Week experience at the Mansion was not good -- is that to be expected there?


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                  I haven't been there during RW ... I have been there with a group and I kind of relate to the 'herding' comment. I have been to the French Room during RW, and it seems to be not at its best based on others' reports. (I haven't felt the need to go again.)

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                    French Room sucks during RW. The Mansion is one of the first places to get completely booked during RW, but honestly, to get the true experience I'd go outside of RW.

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                      Agreed about the French Room. It kinda demonstrates the worst of RW ... restaurants that are expecting the 'sheeple' to show up, and serve them the beef, the chicken, the pork. Generic dishes that may be more or less skillfully executed, but that come with a not-so-well-hidden yawn. I've heard other foodies rave about a tasting menu there ... based on my experience they were talking about another planet. I wish that restaurants would make an effort to show what they are really all about during RW--that to me is the whole point.

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                        I can confirm that we were treated like "sheeple" this past Saturday. Same type of glass for red and white wine, no separate colored napkins, and pouring red wine in a used white wine glass. Food was Ok but not blown away by anything. And each course had one item with an upcharge price. Why then did they not bother to include a fourth course? To nickle us for $5 for this or that seems very petty and far below the French Room level. Just not what i remembered in service and wow factor from last year when I was there sans RW. If it were not for the most elegant room in any Dallas restaurant, I would be much more depressed.

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                    Hmmmm, that is disconcerning. I actually made a reservation at Mansion...I hope it isn't disappointing. Some of the RW menus are terrible..... Wish Mansion had their menu up on their website...

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                      Had reservations at Nick & Sam's last year for RW, got there on time, waited for 2 hours and finally decided to leave...who knows when we would've finally gotten a table. It was nearly impossible to get a drink from the bar or cocktail server while we waited.

                      Nick & Sam's
                      3008 Maple Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201

                    2. Grace, FW. Selecting the "menu" link from the KRLD RW list takes you to a 5 course, prix fixe meal that looks quite interesting until you notice it's $49 (not $35) and titled “Go Texan” Restaurant Roundup (available Monday - Saturday, July 25 - 30) Their restaurant week dates show to be Aug 15-Sep 4. Not sure what's up with the link, but still, an enticing menu for next week. http://www.gracefortworth.com/pdf/Gra...

                      Restaurant week menus are listed at the KRLD website for those restaurants gracious enough to provide them. As stated, there are a number of them that are shamefully mundane and predictable for a business catered lunch.

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                        If you keep scrolling on that Grace menu, you get to the RW one.

                        I have noticed we have links here that the official site does not ;)

                        Another thing that I have found in the past is that some restaurants are obviously being very cheap and others quite generous when it comes to menu design. Unfortunately some who have been generous in the past are no longer participating ...

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                          Thanks for that link. Guess I'll be back in the RW game this year and will try out Grace.

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                            The RW menu price is $35. The restaurant donates $7, leaving only $28 for three courses. Many of these places are used to charging $28 or more for an entree alone, and their bottom lines are seriously sliced to the bone. For some, the only real money they make during RW is on alcohol or upsells or the occasional non-RW diner. Still, those who can still do participate and write large checks to KRLD. RW would be more enjoyable for diners and restaurant employees/owners alike if we ALL remember that the point of this is to raise money for charity. If the menu is not to your liking, it may appeal to someone else.

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                              I thought the old Nana had an excellent 'upsell' RW menu--the best I've ever seen. I wish more restaurants would do this well. This would serve both sides ... helping the bottom line, while helping first-time diners get a better overall feel for the restaurant and whether they want to return.

                          2. Shannon at Pegasus has compiled menus from more than 80 of the restaurants participating in Restaurant Week ... list is at the link below, and the restaurants with menus are bolded:


                            1. Here's a link to Boston's RW thread, with a great discussion of what is and isn't so great about RW: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/800313

                              Tip from this thread, which I think is a good one, is to do steakhouses during RW.