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Jul 12, 2011 10:27 AM

Ruben's Palm Grill, Baja (About Twelve Miles South of the Rosarito Beach Hotel)

It's the two-story, palapa-roofed building immediately in front of you when you exit the Cantamar/Primo Tapia turnoff from the Cuota (Toll Road).

Our friends came down to visit us this weekend.

He has been all over the world on his business. It was her first visit to Mexico, and she was scared to come along because of the negative press.

She enjoyed the trip and fell in love with Baja.

We had lunch at Splash, and then met them at Ruben's Palm Grill for Sunday Brunch.

Our old friend told Ruben, "This is the best buffet I have seen ever! My uncle was a worldwide vice-president of Food Services for Marriott."

BTW, his last name is Nixon.

What counts is that we had a wonderful day with good friends (we toasted to the new and old, and the good food and great service).

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