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Mar 12, 2006 02:02 AM

Quincy's BBQ in Encino - Anyone been?

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Passed by tonight and, for a cold evening, the place was pretty crowded. It's located in Encino, on Venutra,just east of Louise, in the very old location of The Bagel Nosh, across the street from Rubio's, The Habit, Chili's, etc.

I'm always on the lookout for BBQ in the Valley but haven't heard anything about this spot. Any reviews?

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  1. Yep! We had dinner there last Saturday night. It was a Californa Crisp location that always lacked something. It's still the same owners but with an entirely different concept.

    Two of us had the Tri-Tip plate, available with one or two sides and in a 6? and 12 oz portion. I opted for one side only, the fries. They were okay, but not warm enough in my opinion. I can't remember which side my friend chose, but he didn't rave about it. The meat was plentiful, but not smokey, seemed to have some of that connective tissue that plague tri-tip meat. I'd have to say that Boneyard Bistro wins hands down in the tri-tip department.

    My husband had the baby back ribs, he found them rather fatty and lacking in flavor. He likes a drier rib and he describes this one as wet. He opted for a baked yam as his side dish -- no complaints there.
    Our other friend had a combo plate of bbq chicken and tri-tip. She enjoyed the chicken more than the tri-tip.

    One thing that was odd, was you had to ask for bbq sauce, it didn't accompany our meal. Our server brought warm individual pitchers. Nice touch, but she didn't ask if we wanted it, we had to flag someone down to get some after receiving our meal. Kind of odd in a bbq place, isn't it?

    The owner/manager was very nice, came by the table afterwards to ask us how the meal was etc.
    Prices were very reasonable, hence the crowds, but over all I would think of it as an option to Tony Roma's.

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      Knowing it was from the owners of California Crisp kept me away from trying it. They may get salads but ribs are 180 degree opposites.
      And then of course is the issue of parking in Plaza de Oro, with its awful layout, where you park way in the back and "stroll" to the front.

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        I tried the rib sampler (2-3 each of baby backs, St Louis and Beef). Tasted baked and reheated/put on grill with little or no smoke flavor (and no pink smoke layer in the meat). Not very flavorful, the beef ribs were better than the pork imho. The sauce was lackluster. Mac and cheese passable...I, for one, am not rushing back.

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          faimly feel. Great chicken, good ribs, mediocre sides, and a great chop salad.

        2. Quincy's BBQ puts the Boneyard Bistro to shame. I smelled like a walking match stick when I left there…gross. I am still not convinced my food was cooked.

          For Quincy's the food is just like home cooking. Ribs, tri-tip and chicken taste like a back yard BBQ. Cornbread is great and the service is excellent. Flaco, the icon of Fromin’s Deli in Encino now works at Quincy's. His smiling face greets all. Our waiter was Anthony. He was great. The hostess' name was Caitlin. The entire place is a family atmosphere!

          Let's not forget the ambience. It is all centered around the family dog "Quincy". How great!

          I’ve talked too many of the people there and everyone agrees that Quincy’s was very needed in the valley. We finally have a good BBQ restaurant that is not the commercial taste of Tony Roma’s.

          1. I was driving on Ventura Monday night, saw the sign and decided to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised! I had the 1/2 chicken with baked yam and mac 'n' cheese.

            The chicken sort of reminded me of a Jewish broiled chicken-- you know, the kind your bubbe might make or you'd get at Gelson's. Moist, well-seasoned, falling off the bone. Yet it worked well with the bbq sauce (love the warm sauce they serve). Mac 'n' cheese wasn't amazing but it was good. Yam was moist and meaty...mmm. I also ordered a big ol' glass of the fresh-squeezed lemondade. Very tasty, and so much, I took some home.

            Only complaint? Cornbread was ice cold. But it was just 45 minutes before closing, and even cold, it was decent.

            I'll definitely be back.

            1. To the people who posted during springtime 2006 and had less-than-satisfactory experiences, I'd say give it another chance. I went tonight for the first time and ordered a slab of St. Louis ribs with a side of spinach and butternut squash. The food was excellent. The rib meat slid off the bone, and was moist and tasty. The butternut squash was excellent. My only complaint was about the cornbread, which was lackluster. If you're a dog-lover or have kids, this is an especially fun place to go. I'll definitely be back.

              1. Loved it. Been there twice. Unfortunately, they couldn't survive. Now it's going to be an Israeli - type establishment. I loved the tri-tip, it was cut nice, but it was juicy & top grade. It came with maple butter! The sauces were great(not candy-cane). The sweet potatoes were professionally done(a whole sweet potato with the skin & it was stripped!). Mac 'n cheese good. I also had the beef ribs. Loved it. Miss ya!!!! help!!! (Cecil's is good, but their sides suck!) Oh well, at least Zeke's is still here.