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Jul 12, 2011 10:13 AM

Rico's Pizza Stamford CT, a Kinder, Gentler Colony?

I heard about this place from a friend who says that the owners are former Colony Grill employees, and the pizza is VERY similar, but unlike Colony, they take credit cards, have a larger menu, deliver, are cheaper, and overall is a better experience than the at-best quirky, oftentimes off-putting experience of Colony.

Obviously the pizza is of paramount importance; which is what keeps people coming back to Colony despite their idiosyncrasies.

Have any Chowhounders been there and have a report?

I'm going to try to make it there soon myself. I enjoy Colony but the hassle of getting it often turns me off.

Colony Grill
172 Myrtle Ave, Stamford, CT 06902

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  1. We ordered in from Rico's last week at the office. I was shocked when I opened the box and found what looked exactly like a Colony Pie - but wait, these were paid for by credit card AND delivered - I was confused. Upon further research, I discovered that the rumor is that this place was recently opened by former Colony employees. Apparently they weren't shy about taking the entire pizza recipe, process and menu with them.

    The pies are very very similar. But, there is something about them that isn't exactly like Colony. The dough and crust seem slightly soggier and the tops a touch more cooked. Maybe its the boxes they come in. I haven't eaten in house at Rico's. That will be the true test.

    All in all a very good copy of Colony and the fact that they deliver and take credit cards is a huge plus far outweighing any minor shortcomings in the pizza.

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      so we went for the first time today. had about enough of colony the last time we went. waited like 1 hr 15 min for pizza and saw like 150 pies go out the door, a little frustrating. so we decided to go to rico's and see what they have.
      firstly, the place is nothing like colony decor wise. they have all of 12 seats, no music, no alcohol, and its in a bizarre mini mall with a laundromat, a chinese restaurant and a convenience store that attracted all sorts of people that really don't care about blocking cars in, in the front parking lot. the parking exploits are comedy in and amongst themselves.
      secondly, the pizza took approximately 25 minutes to come and we started with a salad for 6 bucks that was rather large, served with your choice of dressing. the lettuce was crisp and fresh. the feta cheese plentiful, and large of enough for two to three adults. the pizza finally came after we asked how much longer it was going to be, and i think it took so long because it seemed all the people in the kitchen were watching world cup soccer, a little annoying considering there were many orders waiting to be processed, ours included. there must have been ten people working in the kitchen so it was a little hard to comprehend the wait. but i digress. the pizza was good, very good, i would venture to say better than colony, although i thought the dough could use a little more salt. it was crisp, thin, and hot. however the toppings are very stingy, which is a little annoying, 1.50 a piece per pie, so do yourself a favor and order one topping per pie, you seem to get more of the topping you choose than when you order three toppings on one pie.
      so all in all, its some good pizza, but i won't ever eat there again, its uncomfortable and devoid of all atmosphere, but i would pick it up or get it delivered.

      so to answer your question, kinder, gentler colony? don't think you can compare a restaurant with a take out joint, but the pizza is better at rico's.

        1. re: stamfoodie

          Tons and tons of parking. Ate in the other day...exactly like Colony, even go as far to say slightly better.

      1. just ordered today for lunch. pizza arrived in 25 minutes hot, fresh and damn good. coworkers did sausage, onion, hot oil , mushroom and x cheese- heaven. I did a stinger/onion combo and was extremely satisfied. Like previous poster mentioned, they are a little "stingy" on the toppings when you are ordering more than one. However, although stingy, the pie was perfection. This will be my go-to pizza delivery place. However, when I am looking for dive bar scene I will still hit up Colony...but Ricos is giving them a run for their "take out" money, that is for sure.

        1. Went on Sunday for take out. Great even after a 20 minute ride home.

            1. re: MommaJ

              Oh boy. Now I really need to get my butt over to Rico's before the food police comes and shuts them down.

              Seriously, I know pizza is a big deal in CT, and I think Colony's pizza is great. But when a place like that stalwartly refuses to cater to their customers time and again simply because they can; then I have to agree with the folks from the article that say 'this is America' and that competition is a good thing.

              Regardless of whether the Martinez boys stole some proprietary pizza secrets from their former employers, if Colony didn't have all their issues with service, cash-only, no delivery, not answering their phone, etc, then people wouldn't be jumping ship to Rico's, they would be loyal to Colony and saying step off to Rico's.

              This reminds me of the nuggets-and-fries war between Garden Catering and Chicken Joe's. I think there are enough hungry people to go around.

              Chicken Joe's
              235 E Putnam Ave, Cos Cob, CT 06807

              Garden Catering
              185 1/2 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870