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Full packer brisket in S. Fairfield/Westchester County

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Most stores seem to carry only flats. Any ideas?

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  1. In Camden DE we can only find them at Walmart, not even Sams has them and none of the other groceries carry the packer cut. It's worth a look at your local Walmart Superstore.

    1. My suggestion is for you to find a Beef Wholesaler or Restaurant Cash and Carry Food Service Store that is open to the public.

      Maybe Western Beef is an option.


      1. You could try dealing directly with a farmer -



        1. Is there a Restaurant Depot near by Thats where I get mine they have select beef which is the third lowest grade usually and old cow but they do have CAB Choice around 17-20 pounds The point is the best IMO

          1. ask Porricelli's in Greenwich to get it for you. I live in Trumbull and the branch here gets it for me. I never use first cut only brisket.

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              I know where you are coming from I but buy the whole piece point and all the point is called burnt ends the most flavorful part of the brisket then I slip the knife to remove it and just finifh smoking the flat piece. But whats even better than that is to get a 1/2 of a gooseneck they sell them in Sams CLub, BJ's they take a long time to smoke but they come out like jelly what a flavor. Now I am going to go out and buy one thats how hungry this rec made me.

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                It all depends on ethnicity. We call the flap or point the deckle. Most fat, most flavor.

            2. Actually found them at Fairway in Stamford. Got a great 12 pounder for $3.29/lb!