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Jul 12, 2011 09:16 AM

Sandwich stop in Oakdale! Plus, retro sides. Ferrarese's Deli - Oakdale,CA

On the way to Yosemite from the Bay Area ....... we stopped in Oakdale to get a sandwich to enjoy later on in Yosemite. Haven't been back to Ferrarese's Deli in awhile so we decided to revisit it. Ordered the Italian Sub with a side of pasta salad. They also have an ambrosia like jello and a pistachio dream thing ....... plus cold spaghetti ....... The sandwich was hefty and well constructed ....... big enough to share and very tasty. Not a sub in the Eastern tradition but very good in its own right. I would go back.
They are closed on Sunday and Mondays .

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  1. Here are the details ....
    Ferrarese's Deli - 1161 East F Street Oakdale,CA 95361 209. 847-2079

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      Here is a picture of the Deli case that has many of the side salads that are available with your sandwich ...... a very retro selection. They taste as you'd expect but generally not up to the standards set by the sandwiches themselves. But then again, you don't see the ambrosia and pistachio dream offerings that often anymore.