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Jul 12, 2011 08:13 AM

Vegetarian recs in Berryville, VA and surrounding area?

My husband and I have planned a last-minute trip for next week to a hotel in Berryville, VA. We plan to visit some historic sites and vineyards. Does anyone know of restaurants in the area that have good vegetarian options? Recommendations for hole-in-the wall venues or fancy restaurants are welcome.


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  1. Not much in that area, unfortunately.

    There's a French B&B place, L'Auberge Provencale in Boyce, that is very pretty, however has so-so food & service & high prices.

    You might do better by driving up to Shepardstown, where there are 4 or 5 very good places (search this board) - 3 Onions, Bavarian Inn, Yellow Brick Bank, Stone Soup Bistro, Blue Moon Cafe.

    Hunters Head tavern in Upperville is also a few miles away, as is the Ashby Inn in Paris.

    There may be some in Winchester. A couple of decent Italian places, names I forget.

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      On L'Auberge, I agree that the prices are high, but last time we were there (about a year ago), the food was excellent.

    2. If you're up for a bit of a drive (~45 mins), the Restaurant at Patowmack Farm has some interesting choices and will offer a full vegetarian menu for you if you let them know in advance (

      If it is still there, Annie's Bistro Francais in Purcellville has some vegetarian selections, I believe. Magnolia's at the Mill in Prucellville is delicious but it looks like they have somewhat limited vegetarian selections (great wine menu, though!).

      Good luck!

      Bistro Francais
      3128 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

      1. Amen on both Stone Soup and Blue Moon in Shepherdstown. Blue Moon looks a bit hole in the wall'ish, but good food and good beer and casual. Usually a younger crowd, but a good time there. Also the coffee and service at the Lost Dog there can't be beat.

        In Winchester, One Block West is what I usually recommend for vegetarian food. Food there is very good, and good value for the $. Chop Stick in Winchester has vegetarian sushi, can probably make you just about anything you would want, and has the best key lime pie on earth.

        Magnolia's in Purcellville would make you happy as well--not much vegetarian, but a good restaurant. I have never heard of the other Purcellville one. Patowmack Farms is good, but a bit of a drive and pricy. Ashby Inn not so much of a drive but pricy. Ditto L'Aberge. Hunter's Head in Upperville is pretty good and can definitely do vegetarian, but service can be spotty. The folks at the coffee shop in Berryville (Daily Grind still?) can do you a vegetarian sandwich, and I would wager are a pretty good source for recommendations for vegetarian food. The French bakery on the corner can probably make you a pretty good sandwich or salad as well. And the Battletown Inn has some goodly sized salads on the menu.

        Winchester is about 15 minutes away, Purcellville and Ashby Inn (Paris) about 20 minutes; Shepherdstown about a half hour, as is Hunter's Head (Upperville). Potomack Inn north of Leesburg and probably closer to 40 minutes.

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          Thank you all very much! I really appreciate your recommendations.