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Jul 12, 2011 07:48 AM

Port Treadwell's unsuitable for a small child?

Planning a day trip this Saturday to the Niagara region. Pick cherries, sight see etc. I don't know the area too well, but know that Treadwell's is highly esteemed. Thing is, I'll be with my 2.5-year old. Is this the wrong place for a family lunch? If so, any alternative suggestions?

61 Lakeport Road, St. Catharines, ON L2N 4P6, CA

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  1. I generally think lunch is ok for the little ones. The lunch menu seems rather casual and the price point reflects that. I think you'll have a lovely meal. :-)

    But if you're concerned give them a call. See what they say!

    1. Treadwell is fantastic. I stop in for lunch whenever I'm in Niagara. The soup and sandwich combo is always a great choice, as is the lobster sandwich.

      Is it family-friendly? Well, the inside of the restaurant is quite formal feeling and very quiet, but the patio feels a little more casual. I think you could probably get away with it there if your kids are generally able to sit down to eat (it's right by the water, so could be dangerous for kids to be running around). As for the food... their lunch options tend to be high-brow takes of low brow foods (e.g. fish and chips, BLT sandwich, etc.). It might be reassuring for your kids to see something that looks familiar, even if the taste is more refined.


      61 Lakeport Road, St. Catharines, ON L2N 4P6, CA

      1. One fun alternative would be to go to Flat Rock Cellars winery and get lunch from the food truck El Gastonomo Vagabundo. You can eat at a picnic table or under a shady tree and your little one can run around to his/her heart's content.

        1. I went there last fall for dinner with a three-year-old, and the experience was very positive. We called ahead, they seated us at a table near a little lounge area in the front section (so that the little one could run around a bit without disturbing the other diners), and they provided her with a "young adults menu". She chose the toast wtih nine-year-old cheddar and absolutely loved it; we were all impressed that the cheese was three times older than she was!

          1. grandgourmand - the restaurant absolutely encourages parents to bring their children with them, whether at lunch or dinner. There is a "young adults menu" but can also offer the SNOB Wine Bar menu to younger guests at lunch (it has pizzas, pastas, etc.). When making a reservation, make sure to mention that you have some younger guests coming with you. Enjoy!