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Jul 12, 2011 07:45 AM

Any lunch ideas??

So I am looking for some new ideas/spots for lunch. I'm in the 17th and Market area and I am so over sanwhiches. I am open to all cuisines really, I'm not a vegetarian, and I'm looking to spend under $15. Not looking for any "lunchmeat" sandwhich places and nothing "heavy" like cheesesteaks. Perhaps a delicious Asian spot that serves a reasonable lunch? Or anything else - I am open to ideas!

I went to Argan last week for a lamb sanwhich - the lamb was delicious and the ingredients were fresh. However I felt they skimped a little on the lamb and there seemed to be more bread than anything.

Went to Matyson the week before - delic!

Anyone have any thoughts?

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  1. How about a soft shell crab sandwich at Under the C in Comcast? The can do them up fresh sometimes if you ask nicely. Also Bubbie's Brisket at 15th and Arch is pretty good too.

      1. Oyster House? All their large lunch plates hover around $15:

        I've never been there, but I've always heard good things about Square on Square:

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          Try the ipswich clam small plate and an ice tea... Oyster House is a great place for lunch. Might be pressed to keep it under the price point, not because everything is so expensive, but because everything is so good.

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            These are all great suggestions so far, thank you! Anyone else?

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              I've had a couple of nice lunches at Dandelion (18th & Sansom). Depending on how you order, it might push your price point, but they have good sandwiches and a bunch of small plates. Also, across the street is the new Serafina.

        2. Is Sabrina's at 18th and Callowhill too far?

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            Yes, I think that's a little to far for my break, but thanks!

          2. For eat in, used to hit Nodding Head for a mussel lunch, not always the speediest place, though. Also, Shiroi Hana on 15th Street, next to Good Dog for sushi and bento boxes... definitely one of my favorite lunches in the city.

            My co-workers and I would sometimes hit the Liberty Place food court for burritos or slices of pizza and then those that brought their lunches could eat with us in the food court.

            For take out, I like the Asian bento box/salad place on the 1500 block of Chestnut (north side of the street).