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Jul 12, 2011 07:28 AM

Best apps for Chowhounders?

I'm finally caving in to progress and getting a smartphone. Any recommendations on apps I must have to further my chowish pursuits?

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  1. IMO, other than google/bing maps to locate a restaurant, no application is worth it.

    ok, 2 exception :
    a simple note-taking application to write down addresses and other stuff.
    a simple camera application to take down images of food stuff. (and addresses if too lazy to write it down)

    I'm been using a smartphone for a while now, and never kept a "food" application more than 2 hours; I've downloaded demo and free apps and after just looking at them, I scrapped them.

    Either they are not regionalized (montreal/qu├ębec/canada) or ask to create yet another user/password ... or were, most of the time, painfully awful in user-interaction and handling (and/or would crash).


    1. I still love mozzarella cheese sticks with a thick marinara for dippin'.

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          LOL when I saw the topic I was thinking along those lines too.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            Thanks for the links. I found nothing when I searched "app" and "apps" in this board - I looked at Food Media and decided it would not be the place to look. Mea cupa!

            1. re: lupaglupa

              my pleasure :) FYI, when it comes to these grey areas i usually select the umbrella "Topical" category on the advanced search page - that way you'll get results from all the possible categories.

            1. I'm over six month into using a smart phone. The only food related app I still use is Yelp.

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