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Jul 12, 2011 07:26 AM

suggestions wanted for great, non-tourist restaurants NYC

I love to find hole-in-the-wall restaurants that are amazing! I don't want to go to touristy restaurants (I come to NYC often). I want to know about the great little places
in your neighborhood. I love all kinds of food. Love "Mom & Pop" eateries! I'll be staying in the South Central Park area but will go almost anywhere for great eats! Thank you!

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  1. There are lots of places on 9th Avenue midtown, but what type of cuisine did you have in mind?

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    1. re: H Manning

      sushi, thai, italian, indian, really anything that is a "do not miss" type of local eatery.

      1. re: AustiniteAngel

        H Manning is right - Hell's Kitchen has a bunch of great restaurants, and my favorite has to be Gazala Place. It is Druze food, which is Israeli, and they have AMAZING falafel, tabbouleh and a bunch of other middle eastern food. It is casual, TINY and BYOB - I can't recommend it highly enough :)

        Gazala Place
        709 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019