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Jul 12, 2011 06:18 AM

Blue Fish Grill in Flemington

Philly-area chowhound just just wanted to post about a great meal we had over the weekend at the Blue Fish Grill in Flemington. It's a casual place (which we like) and has excellent food. A winning combination. We had Manhattan clam chowder, fish tacos, wood fired tilapia, and a fabulous brasilian tigerfish entree which was a special that day. We finished our meal with a great slice of homemade key lime pie. The food was delicious and the fish was cooked perfectly. The price was great for what we ate (around $54 before the tip) and the service was just as good as the food. The place itself is not fancy (like a fish shack you'd see at the shore) but that is part of the can get a delicious, fresh, perfectly cooked meal in a casual setting. I wish they had a place like this in Delaware!

Blue Fish Grill
9 Central Ave Ste 4, Flemington, NJ 08822

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  1. I agree that Blue Fish has very good food. We are going there for dinner tonight. The fish is always very good and the Key Lime pie we always order.

    1. We recently had lunch at Blue Fish Grill. We went specifically for the fabulous fish and chips. Ended the meal with the fantastic homemade Key Lime pie. We sat outside. Service was very cheery and attentive. An hour each way but totally worth it!

      Blue Fish Grill photos:

      1. The Bluefish Grill could possibly be the best seafood shack in NJ.

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        1. Went for dinner last night at 6:15 and sat at the last available indoor table. Half of the outdoor tables had customers. Service was great and the food terrific. Fish tacos, fried calamari and fish and chips. Incredible dinner for 2 for $26.

          1. We went for dinner on this past Saturday night - had about a 15 minute wait around 8pm for an outside table though we ended up switching to indoors because the gnats were really annoying.

            The food was excellent - we started with Manhattan clam chowder and fried calamari. The tartar sauce with the calamari was so good. For entrees, I had the grilled shrimp, husband had the swordfish (it was the catch of the day) and my stepson had the fried catfish po'boy. He's 8 and loves his fried catfish but once he tried the shrimp and swordfish, he said he wished he got both of those instead. I really liked the fries that came with the po'boy - not quite shoestring but also not quite regular fries - kind of like a compromise in between. The key lime pie was also fantastic and one of the best versions we've had.

            Can't believe how inexpensive the place is - it was something like $56 for the three of us. We will definitely go back.