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Jul 12, 2011 06:12 AM

Croissant Crisis in Quebec City

We had been looking forward to the pastries everyone was raving about at Palet d'Or. We arrived in QC last night, and headed there for breakfast this morning only to find it closed (looks like permanently). Does anyone know if it moved or if the pastry chef might be somewhere else that we could try?

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  1. Paillard makes lovely croissants and pains au chocolat. On St-Jean, in the heart of the old city.

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    1. re: hwertheim

      I second Paillard. Note that it's frequented by locals (which, in this area, says a lot...)

      1. re: Ched1000

        Thanks. Palliard was also on my list of places to try...I had just read rave reviews of Palet d'Or and was sad to see it closed. We will try Palliard this morning.

        1. re: mountaincachers

          It may be a good thing Le Palet d'or was closed. Their pastries may have been good, but they had probably one of the worst croissants of all downtown. Sorry to be that harsh, but I'm a croissant fanatic and couldn't get over how bad they were.

          Sure, Paillard has great pastries and breads, but it's not that "local" (meaning you'll mostly find tourists and not locals, although it's still a great place for pastries downtown). However, their macarons are really worth it.

          I personally am a die-hard of PaingrĂ¼el, still on rue Saint-Jean, but outside the walls. They make the best chocolatines (chocolate croissants) of all the city, and the ones with a whole banana baked inside are just out of this world.

          1. re: Jesuissnob

            Rats. Too late...we are already back home. We had such a great time on this trip, that I'm sure we'll be back, so thanks for the information anyway.

    2. St. Honore for Croissant and Pain au Chocolat. They were good. 840 Honoré-Mercier.
      I would recommend Praline et Chocolat for croissant as well. They are at the Old Port Market or they have their own shop going towards Chute Montmorency. Nice pastries & chocolates too.