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Jul 12, 2011 06:12 AM

Red in Red Bank

It was my anniversary yesterday. Our restaurant of choice is ALWAYS Nicholas, but they are closed Mondays.
I decided to try Red.
We were 1/2 hour late for our reservation and when I called I was told "No Problem" and it was fine- the restaurant/bar was not full at all.

Over all, I would have to say it was just OK. There was a business meeting upstairs. Our waitress had to serve upstairs as well, so she was constantly running up and down the stairs. We were never told the specials-I only heard them as another waitress was explaining them to another table after we had already ordered.

My husband had the Red salad and I had the Shrimp, Lobster Lettuce wraps. I must say they should be called a black bean wrap, becuase that was the main ingredient. In fairness, it was a lovely mix of flavors.

For our main dish, I had the short ribs and my huband had the shrimp pasta. As others have mentioned, the serving sizes are large and we took quite a bit home with us. Both dishes were OK-nice and we took home the leftovers,
I am glad I tried it, but probably not returning.
Maybe next year we will head west and scope out Princeton's finest!

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  1. Well, I have to agree with you that Red is no Nicholas....

    But, it's a shame that your one experience there was on a Monday. We go to Red all the time, but never on Mondays. The sushi chef has Mondays off and so does some of the other staff.

    We always get the Pearl Street Roll. Besides the tempura shrimp, there is a decent amount of lobster meat and that spicy sauce is very good. Also on our always list is the filet mignon appetizer. It says it is for 2 on the menu, but we have shared with 4 and still had a lot of food. Something about the combo of filet, spinach, and that sauce on toast. We never get tired of that combo. Sometimes just those two things and one or two drink specials is all we need.

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      seal - Definitely agree about the filet mignon appetizer. IMHO it's the best thing on the menu.

      1. re: bgut1

        I haven't had that in a while but it's definitely one of their best! Also a fan of their cheese plate.

    2. lol. For Father's Day, I cooked (for the family & I) the lobster wraps that I saw in the Tri City News as part of Red's advertisement for small plates.

      It was delicious. I bought a 5.25 lb lobster from Shop Rite and made those spring rolls at home. Chock full of lobster meat, mango and avocado and black bean along with some fresh greens. The siracha lime dipping sauce was just so over the top. Try doing it yourself one time if you have the time - your family and/or guests will love it.

      I brought over 4 of them the following day to a friend who's the head chef at a local eatery down here - he thought the dish was outstanding with the dipping sauce (easily can find some related configurations/recipes on line) being KILLER

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        1. re: fershore

          Dipping sauce as follows:

          Rice paper for spring rolls (can be purchased at Wegmans
          )Lobster - boil and cool, slice so that it will fit in the spring roll wrap (preferably long rather than chunky)
          One ripe Mango - diced (small without mushing it)
          One ripe Avocado - diced (see above)
          Mint leaves - slivered/frisseed
          Mesculin greens - friseed
          Black beans - rinsed

          The deal here is to have all ingredients ready to go in respective bowls, set out warm water in shallow dish, soak rice paper for about 15-20 seconds and lift onto a clean surface (plastic cutting board or a clean cloth napkin.

          As Mango, Avocado and Beans should all be on the small side, it's should be an easy assembly. Don't be light on the lobster. I used a 5 lb'er for a family of 4. Buy one big one - 3-5lbers instead of a bunch of 1 1/2 er's as it will save you time - and try not to eat all of the lobster as you pull the meat out of tail and claw ;- )

          Remember to wrap your finished product in a shallow dish server & saran/cling wrap or just one of those tubbyware containers as you don't want the rice paper drying.

          Serve cold with the dipping sauce (which is out of this world). I added a tbsp of fish sauce to my recipe. A nice bottle of Savignon Blanc out on the back deck and that's summer living at it's best.

      1. we had dinner at Red last night and were quite pleased. My Bride had the fried oyster app that comes atop a chipotle-corn hash/sauce that was outstanding. I had the fried zucchini fritters which were decent (they could have used more goat cheese). we both had the hazlenut-crusted triple tail which was very good.

          1. re: jsfein

            No surprise there, I had heard he was trying to sell but couldn't. The re-brand was probably the best/only option he had. Red has been the living dead for a while now.

          2. The original comment has been removed