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Jul 12, 2011 05:54 AM

Mount Vernon/Baltimore

New to Baltimore, just moved from NYC. Where are all the restaurants here?? Any delivery?? Please help!

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  1. Hi - I live in Mount Vernon, also - I'm sure lots of people will chime in about the restaurants but I regularly use these two services for delivery: (if you put in JHU it'll give restaurants that deliver to Mount Vernon)

    1. There are many good choices in and around Mt. Vernon. Some of my favorities are The Helmand (get the pumpkin appetizer), Feast @4East and Brewer's Art. I prefer Brewer's Art for the bees rather than the food. In my experience the food quality is uneven. As a whole I prefer their bar food.

      Brewer's Art
      1106 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

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        Brewer's rosemary garlic fries are yummy!!

      2. Thai Landing - Thai Obviously
        Kumari - Indian (Delivers)
        Mick O'Sheas - Good bar, good food
        Mekong Delta - Vietnamese
        Sotto Sopra - Italian
        Cazbar - Turkish
        Joss - Sushi
        Never on Sunday - Gyros/Pizza/Sandwiches (Open very late, and delivers)
        XS - Sushi/good desserts (open late)
        Cafe Mocha - Excellent sandwiches (lunch only)
        Tapas Teatro - Spanish
        Joe Squared - Coal Fired Pizza/cool bar/live music
        Dukem II - Ethiopian

        There's a lot more, but that's all for now.

        Cafe Mocha
        859 N Howard St Fl 1, Baltimore, MD 21201

        Sotto Sopra Restaurant
        405 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

        Mekong Delta Cafe
        105 W Saratoga St, Baltimore, MD 21201

        Thai Landing
        1207 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

        Kumari Restaurant
        911 N Charles St Ste B, Baltimore, MD 21201

        Tapas Teatro Cafe
        1711 N Charles St Ste A, Baltimore, MD 21201

        1. I like Iggie's for pizza though coming from NYC it may be tough to compare :)

          And, make sure to check out Artscape this weekend. It's an amazing (and free!!) festival that usually features some good food vendors in addition to the artists, crazy cars, and top-notch people watching.

          1. Wow, this is fantastic!! Thank you all so much for your help!! If you think of anything else, please let me know : )