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Jul 12, 2011 05:26 AM

Birthday Luncheon in Taormina

We will be in Catania, Sicily in October with 6 friends, and it will be my husband's 55th birthday. Would like to bring the group up to Taormina for a day trip with a fantastic birthday luncheon, overlooking the water of course! Anyone have specific recommendations?

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  1. If food is the top priority, you may have to sacrifice the view. When we were in Taormina, our favorite places did not have water views, which are somewhat limited from the center of town. Although, we did have nice lunches (with water views) at La Cisterna del Moro and Granduca.

    If price is no object, go to Maffei's for amazing fish - just take their advice when ordering. Attached is a photo of their courtyard.

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      Thanks! Price is no object since it is costing everyone a fortune to make the trip what's another lunch thrown into the mix. Appreciate the response and will look into Maffei's.

    2. There are some recommendations on the site that might work for you

      of Nero d'Avola and La Capinera. If you do a google search for Chowhound Taormina you should find them. - or maybe even by scanning the posts linked below. This thread includes an intriguing description of Nero d'Avola.

      There are a handful of others on the Restaurant page as well

      La Capinera
      localita Spisone, V. Nazionale , 177, Taormina, Sicilia 98039, IT

      Nero d'Avola
      vico Spuches 8, Taormina, Sicilia 98039, IT