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Leftover Grilled Corn Ideas?

I've got 3 leftover ears of fresh corn we grilled on the grill last night. What can I do with them besides eat them as-is? They are unseasoned, just roasted nicely, Last week I used some leftover corn in a corn/tomato/cucumber salad with lime juice and red bell pepper. It was good, but I don't want to do the same thing. Ideas please! Thanks!

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        Add those kernels to a green salad. Or salsa. Or gazpacho.

      2. well i was going to suggest a charred corn salad but you shot that down ;) you can cut the kernels of and give them a quick toss with some butter or oil in a hot pan, then finish with fresh herbs and grated cheese.


        1. Corn chowder! It would be absolutely awesome with grilled corn. Fry a few slices of diced bacon until the fat is rendered. Remove the bacon with a slotted spoon. In the fat, sweat some diced onion and celery and some fresh thyme (dry is okay too.) Then add some diced potatoes and enough chicken stock to cover. (You can also add a can of creamed corn if you want more corn flavor.) Simmer until the potatoes are tender and then add some half-and-half or cream, the corn, and the bacon. Finish with some fresh-grated nutmeg and a dash of sherry if you want. One of my favorites!

          1. I just made corn fritters for brekkie. cut the corn off the cob, add an egg, a heaping tbl. spoon of flour and fry away. Top w/ a fried egg.

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              I like my leftovers for breakfast too. I am a bit sorry I ate all the leftover corn this morning without having read the fritter suggestion - sounds awesome.

              I chop up a jalapeno, remove the corn from the cob, chop up any other leftovers that appeal - potatoes, sausage, squash, etc. and then brown them in a cast iron skillet. Top with fried egg, S&P.

            2. grilled corn is the best ingredient for mexican salad... mixed with kidney beans, coriander and red onion is nice

              1. I like to saute an onion, maybe a jalapeno, add corn kernels and a chopped tomato. Cook on med heat until mix comes togerther. You can add a cup of broth or even water to deglaze and pick up the goodness at bottom of pan. Stir frequently until liquid cooks off. Season, enjoy.

                1. And if you can't come up with an idea that suits you right now, just remove the kernels from the ears, lay them out in a single layer on a baking sheet, and freeze then re-pack in a ziplock freezer bag. We've done that with at least a dozen ears so far this year because the corn has been so good. Just defrost and use as you like.

                  1. I second the corn fritters idea. Also, I recently made steak sandwiches with a chipotle marinade that were served with corn mayo - just mayo, corn kernels and some grated garlic. Delish!

                    1. i'd use them in my Japanese shrimp fritters.

                      1. Take the corn off the cob, saute in butter, and add black pepper while cooking.

                          1. All great suggestions; my fav is munching on the rest of the cold grilled corn in front of the frig at
                            1 am, with just a sprinkle of salt.

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                            1. I just used up some grilled corn- sauteed onions & jalapenos till soft, then added pancetta that I crisped up in another pan and added the corn to heat thru. Really yummy.

                              Will def be trying the corn fritter suggestion. Sounds great.

                              1. PUT IN CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP

                                1. Add to pancake or waffle batter

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