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Jul 11, 2011 09:45 PM

Tazo Tea Chai Latte mix.

Does anyone know where in Toronto one can buy this? It used to be sold at Starbucks, but the server at the one I went to today said they don't stock it anymore. Suggestions anyone?

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  1. I think that Timothy's sells something similar. You can also make it yourself, which is much more delicious. For 2 people, boil enough water for 2 cups. Then, using a mortar and pestle, or spice grinder, grind cinnamon (about 1 tbpsn), cloves (3), cardamom (3 pods) and fennel seed (about 1 1/2 tspn). Add the crushed spices, let the water boil on for about 2-3 min. Add 1 teabag, let boil for about 1 min or less (depending on how strong you like it). Then add milk to make beige, and let the milk boil (Watch it so it doesn't boil over!). Then add a spoon of sugar for each cup and enjoy! It is far more delicious this way, and you can alter the recipe as you like to get it to the exact flavour profile you like. Some people add black pepper, some add ginger.

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      Thanks Jesse, I'll give this a shot. It's probably a healthier version anyway.

    2. I have purchased it at Walmart before.

      1. I have purchased it at my local Loblaws.

        1. I've bought it before at Queen's Quay Loblaws in the little organic/health food section at the back of the store near the meat.

          But I was somehow never able to make it taste the same as when I order one at Starbucks.

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            I've been told the base they use at Starbucks is a little stronger, so the make at home version is close but not exactly the same.

          2. The only place I was able to find it a couple years ago was at Longo's, though obviously that's changed. You're talking about the liquid mix in the tetra-pak boxes, right?

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              Yep that's the one.Thanks for your input everyone.