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Jul 11, 2011 08:59 PM

bookclub reading "the help" what to serve

not sure if this is right forum but if anyone has read the help what would you serve to "go with" the book...and i have a vegetarian in my group
so far i have deviled eggs, pulled pork and a "fake" pork one,
sweet tea
either choc cake or caramel cake
what else?
thank you

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  1. Pimento cheese. open-face sandwiches, or on crackers.

    and red velvet cake.

    OH! and this is such a terrific book. I am looking forward to the movie next month.

    1. Fried green tomatoes. Blackeyed peas (I like to do them into a Mississippi caviar style). Sauteed collard greens.

      (I like the food, I gotta say I didn't like the book. Too Hallmark, too light and simple and forgiving for the topic. Jim Crow lite.)

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      1. re: rcallner

        Re:book, totally agree with you. Also agree with food suggestions. Also boiled peanuts are a regional fave

      2. Chocolate pie if your club has a sense of humor...stick with the caramel cake if not ;)

        I would do it very jr league...little sandwiches, deviled eggs, dainty things

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        1. re: LaLa

          I was going to suggest chocolate pie too. :)

          Otherwise, beans, caramel cake, roast beef and biscuits, fried pork chops, deviled eggs, and ladyfinger cake come to mind.

        2. You might check out this article that talks about preparing the food for the movie:

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            thanks so much every one- love the pimento cheese idea and black eyed peas. will work for the vegetarian too
            think i'm going with chocolate pie....

            1. re: toncasmo

              and i just this past weekend saw a great recipe for pimento cheese in a magazine and can't remember where i saw it!! dang

              1. re: toncasmo

                Hand grated sharp chedder, pimentos with a tad of the juice, mayo to bind (hellmans or Dukes)

            2. re: MelMM

              I just was leafing though my food and wine and was coming to

            3. Ham biscuits, too. Little dainty ones.