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Jul 11, 2011 02:44 PM

homemade housewarming gift idea?

any suggestions?

i usually make spiced nuts in a pretty jar...

but im considering branching out, there is so much beautiful fruit and produce around - plums, peaches, etc.

there's a recipe on smitten kitchen that looks amazing, but maybe a little messy -

does anyone have a fail-proof recipe they'd be willing to share, something portable and that doesnt have to be refrigerated?

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  1. Sea salt caramels ;-)
    Your own rub mix

    1. I am finding I can't live without homemade granola. And it makes a lovely gift.

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      1. re: firecooked

        firecooked, I wish there was an 'agree' button. I use the Alton Brown basic recipe and it's become an absolute staple in our house. When I give it as a gift, I buy an inexpensive but good-looking storage jar they can use in their new kitchen, and tie a ribbon on it. Homemade granola is astonishingly good.

        1. re: tonifi

          I was going to cite the Alton Brown recipe as that's what I use... but without the coconut, pumpkin seeds instead of cashews, and a little less sugar. and no dried fruit (since I normally eat with fresh fruit). So I guess mine is "inspired" by Alton Brown..

      2. Bread and herbed olive oil, fresh fruit, cheese--all on a nice cutting board as a gift.

        1. If this is someone new to the city I often will find a local favorite store and go purchase a specialty item. Sometimes it is a bakery and other times a deli. It provides them with a taste of their new environs! Local bread or coffee places are often good choices.

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          1. re: rjlebed

            or if you're not sure of their tastes or what they might need to stock their new pantry, a gift certificate to a good local specialty shop is always useful.

            but back to the "homemade" angle, i heartily second the granola suggestion. it's one of my go-to's.

            if you really want to take advantage of beautiful local summer bounty, bake fruit muffins and package them in a pretty box or gift bag. or make a fruit-based quick bread, tart, buckle or clafoutis in a nice pan...and tell your friend to keep the pan as a gift.

            other ideas:

          2. I like the idea of a variety of fresh fruit on a nice platter.

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            1. re: lilgi

              How about homemade dried fruit or fuit leather? I love rec'ing dried fruit to eat as is or to use in recipes. A variety makes for a colorful and delicious gift.

              But a fresh loaf of baked bread would make me happy.

              1. re: HillJ

                Definitely! And maybe include a whole fresh pineapple as a symbolic element for the home to the entire fruit theme.